New Single: Let’s Go By @prodbyblute (Feat. Tyrain)

Blute Productions is back at it with this incredible record entitled “Let’s Go” featuring artist and musical genius, Tyrain on the vocals.  The mellow ambience this track gave off was unreal and it all started with the production and sound from Jeff Blute of Blute Productions.  Check out this new record and stream it exclusively now on Spotify by clicking the link below!  Get familiar!

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New Single: ‘Misunderstood’ By @nyzeismusic (Feat. Josiah Rey)

Nyze, who is a recording artist from Saint Petersburg Florida is making his mark with his very first public project he just released properly titled “Life.”  After checking out the project in its entirety you really get to know the artist Nyze and his values and morals as an artist and music creator and his goals in this industry.  Very melodic joints, my favorite being the record entitled “Misunderstood” feat. Josiah Rey which was my personal favorite off the Nyze’s project.  Stream exclusively below on Spotify right now with clicking the link below and get familiar with the Florida bred artist, Nyze.

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NEW MUSIC: “Rejuvenation” By @_PR2NS_

Born in Pittsburgh but has grown up in Broward County in Florida is the artist PR 2 NS.  He has been gaining momentum with his previous projects but has certainly solidified his spot in the game with his album release entitled “Rejuvenation” which is a 7 track project by PR really giving you not only some insight on him as an artist and music creator but giving you more insight on PR 2 NS the person too.  Very strong project and you can check it out now not only above but exclusively stream it below as well on Spotify.  Get familiar with PR 2 NS!

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Introducing Angel Reyes, The CEO of Ill Skill Productions

Angel Reyes developed Ill Skill Productions and Clear Vision Records after he was fatally shot in the head and became paralyzed from his waist down.  He was originally doing music since he was nine years old but when his accident happened it really put into perspective for him his true connection and passion with making music and creating beats and producing.  He stays producing and working hard day in and day out despite his limited mobility, still his work ethic is impeccable and on point.  Check out his Beat Stars Profile below where you can check out all his available beats for purchase or lease.

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New Single: ‘Fasho’ (Know What I Mean?) By @Artimes_Prime (Feat. REN) [Prod. By @DigitalCrates]

Artimes Prime has been on quite a run as of late.   At the peak time of COVID-19, Artimes released his joint EP with Digital Crates appropriately titled “Quarantreat” which was a great project we covered earlier last month.  He then followed up the release with a tour that started in July and just finished up recently in which he got to really push his project to people outside of Philadelphia and perform live to his fans from other states.  “Right Behind You” and “Fasho” being two popular hits off the Quarantreat.  Solely produced by Digital Crates, “Fasho” features REN and just really makes the record come full circle and is available on all digital streaming platforms below.


Stream ‘Fasho’ Here