Classically-Trained Pop Artist Natasha Aponte Embraces Vulnerability in New Single “FREE”

Classically-Trained Pop Artist Natasha Aponte Embraces Vulnerability in New Single “FREE”

Nobody puts Natasha Aponte in a box. The LA-based pop artist embraces vulnerability and the freedom to be exactly who she wants to be in her dynamic new single “FREE”. Slated to release on Friday, April 9th, “FREE” is a welcoming call to fans into her dream world, where she wears her heart on her sleeve to inspire listeners to do the same. Motivated by the restrictive boundaries that record labels and executives laid out for her, “FREE” refuses to accept any level of minimization and instead, fully embraces creative freedom as she ambitiously celebrates her strengths and imperfections. Feeling suffocated by men in the industry who constantly tell her who she needs to be, ‘FREE” also embraces a liberating exit from a past relationship where she let go of love in order to let herself fly. Being single gave her the space she needed in order to fully love herself and in turn, motivate her fans to do the same.

“The one thing I want everyone to take away from this song is that self-love and vulnerability will grant you freedom. Don’t let anyone put you in a box and tell you how to feel about YOU.” 

~ Natasha Aponte  

Best known for her social media experiment where Natasha tricked 1,000 men on Tinder into meeting her for a date in order to raise awareness toward how people treat each other on dating apps, Natasha’s name is no stranger to many. During this, Natasha held a “dating competition” that gained international attention from Good Morning America, CBS News, Buzzfeed, Newsweek, and more. The controversial stunt took place in New York City’s Union Square; garnering mixed emotions, her newsworthy efforts put her on the map as more than an artist, but a recognized public figure.

While she is now LA-based, Natasha grew up in a Brooklyn-based Dominican and Puerto Rican household. Listening to artists like Prince, Mark Anthony, Whitney Houston, and more, music was everywhere when she was a kid. That soulfulness was the leading influence in creating her own sound in order to encompass her diverse history and experiences.

Gonna live my life for me no matter, how in love I may be / Gonna do my hair right, Gunna put my dress on skin-tight – Lyrics from “FREE”

Coming from professional acting and classically trained background, her unique set of experiences guided her through the composition and production of her new single. With her music, Natasha wants to help create a fantasy where the world can melt away; introducing a peaceful escape for her and her fans. And with songs like ‘FREE”, she and the rest of the world are encouraged to be themselves because that is when we’re truly at our very best.

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Australia’s Juvahn Drops “Fire” Feat. Famous Dex

Australia’s Juvahn Drops “Fire” Feat. Famous Dex

Fresh from the Down Under, Juvahn is stepping up with the visual for her new single “Fire” featuring Famous Dex with Money Jezus Oscar “Ofoesho” Roberts, Stevie Jay, Brian Rumsey, and Zoh behind the boards for production. Directed by The Peoples Collective and edited by Bright Minds Entertainment,

Bstar Is “Climbing Up The Ladder” This Year!

Bstar Is “Climbing Up The Ladder” This Year!

As anticipated, Florida born artist Bstar is launching his rise up in the music industry this year. “Climbing Up The Ladder” displays his determination to keep up the momentum, and hit his big dreams in the industry. “Climbing Up The Ladder” is a raw reminder of his clever songwriting skills, and ability to put together a motivational single with a catchy flow listeners will enjoy.

The chorus in “Climbing Up The Ladder” perfectly aligns with the fast-paced Hip Hop beats playing in the background. Together, it forms a distinctive track that hypes and inspires anyone who listens.
Bstar tells listeners, “You have a dream?, Go get it!”

B-Star’s musical inspirations include rappers like Master P and Lil Wayne who taught him the power of perseverance, determination, and forward-thinking when reaching for any goal in life. This tenacity that has built up in him will take him incredibly far and we can already see all his dreams becoming a reality.
Whenever you need a pick-me-up while going for your goals, turn up “Climbing Up The Ladder” and get yourself back in that hustler mode!



Maine Laveau Releases BLM Inspired Visual “Judas”

Maine Laveau was born and raised in Miami, FL with two brothers, three sisters, and his mother. Maine’s father, Jerry Lee Hawkins Sr., passed away late October 1995 when he was just 3-years-old. After being left fatherless with only his siblings and his peers to look to for direction in life, he began to find a path with music and entertainment.
Maine first started paying attention to Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Bryan “Baby” Williams, and J. Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records. Seeing how much these three guys knew about music, made him want to know more about music. Urban music was played in his household daily. Maine mostly listened to music with his older sister Taneka and his brother Jerry. He soon began to favor musical artists such as Trick Daddy, Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, Michael Jackson, Migos, Fabolous, and The Hot Boys. Being intrigued by these stars, he soon began to practicing what he saw on tv.
Maine is now fearless to his approach to the entertainment world which is why no other artist can redesign his sound. When he was asked what inspired him the most on his journey to becoming the great recording artist that he is today, he answered “himself.”
Maine’s new video “Judas” is a reflection of the Black Lives Matter movement. Check it out below!

Karma Nikole Wants To “Make Them Mad” In New Visual

Karma Nikole is an alluring yet savvy female rap artist. She is known for her risqué, in your face attitude. Her face may be pretty, but she is not your average female rap artist with soft, sweet lyrics. Her style is very unpredictable but fierce.

Karma says that she discovered that she can rap at the age of 13 when she began writing poetry which led to putting lyrics on beats. “My most influential rappers while discovering my style was Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Nicki’s flow always caught my attention with her raw lyrics, while Rihanna’s sense of fashion always reminded me of myself being that anything she put on looks outstanding.” She says during COVID-19 she has been perfecting her craft and building relationships through social media. “I wrote songs that I probably wouldn’t have thought of with any distractions. The worldwide Black Lives Matter protest influenced my content tremendously by giving me ideas I never thought of. Being able to be verbal about situations and empower my followers to stand up for something”.
Karma Nikole says recording “Make Them Mad” was very easy and fun for her. “I wrote it in about 2 hours and went the same day to record it in a basement not to far from my house. It took less than a hour to complete . I knew it was a hit because after leaving the studio I sat in my car and listened to it repeatedly for about 3 hours.” “I feel very confident in where I’m at right now as an artist. The goals I set for 2019 I surpassed which I’m very grateful for. The path I’m on is breathtaking. I feel like I have a strong team behind me and we’re destined for greatness.”
Check out her new visual for “Make Them Mad”.  below

interview with Elijah sommerz

What is your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement is my co- investment in a real estate portfolio investment corporation called “ Le Rues Chaitner & Co LLc” .

Who is your biggest inspiration ?
My biggest inspiration would have to be my father /dad Mr Mr Lascelles Ozzie love. hes was also an in his younger days  and knows the ins and outs of the music industry

Where do you see yourself in 1 year ?
In a year for now i see myself Hopefully going  on  tour opening up for some of the big acts from my city of Toronto canada .

Where are you from?
I’m from toronto ontario ,i’m form an neighboring city in the (GTA)  Called “The Ave or more commonly known as Malton “

How old are you?
Currently im (28)

Who’s your top 3 greatest of all time / dead or alive?
My first pick would have to be a Given … Drake , my second pick would have to be an bay area rapper that has passed named The Jacka , and third should have to be Tory lanez

What are you in this industry for ?
I’m a  talent manager ,and entrepreneur
that is one that is multi-Talented with leadership skills that are endorsed in all of my business dealings ,  I have been truly inspired to help others and to also be a servant-leader, Dedicating my life in the service to help grow others I hope to reflect upon them as a leader of Great teachings and understandings and as one that is a Testament to Never Give up on their dreams .
How long have you been making music ?

What’s your next move ?
To create a music publishing and distribution  platform that is a one stop location for producers and musicians .

CP Da Ruler introduces new video YKTV l @CP_DA_RULER

CP Da Ruler Lets the world know the vibes with you know the vibes visual

CP Da Ruler is back, and he’s making sure the world knows the vibe he’s on with his newest video “YKTV” (YOU KNOW THE VIBES). This New York native knows how to get the party started, and get the vibes right. He brings a catchy cadence to the element of song creation by displaying the simple, yet easy to remember lyrics.

CP Da Ruler knows his core audience, and what they want to hear. He understands the music game is simple and it’s all bout the type of record that will attract more listeners from his beat choice down to the overall production.

The video starts off with him arriving at the scene. His words “pull up to the party it’s a mosh pit”. Pulling up to the spot getting the vibe right. “Bad B**ches always come in two’s”. You see him with two women playing their part.

The rest is just following the vibe of the song structure, which ends up him getting robbed by one of the two women. The result is women are going to do what they want so they should get the last say in any situation.

Check out the video above you know the vibes

Follow the New York artist, Cp Da Ruler on social media @CP_DA_RULER also, don’t forget to check out his ep “Zoe Gawd”.

Also, make sure you get in tune with the next single he has with Love and Hip Hop’s star Jaque called “MS PARKER”