[Mixtape] Lil Polo Da Don ‘Big 29’

Up & Coming Artist Lil Polo Da Don was born and raised in Fort Pierce, FL. Coming up in the rough neighborhoods of the city. Claiming to have been writing music since the age of seven. Dealing with an troubled childhood, he’s went through many phases in his life, having run ins with the law & the harsh environment of the Vietnam Projects. Being shot in the chest at the age of 19, he says that near death experience influenced him to take music more seriously and put his career first. Collaborating with hotter local artist as an early teenager, his name spread pretty quickly though out the state for his creativity and consistency. His sketchy & aggressive flow appalled the world, just hearing the pain through his voice is breathtaking as his music runs chills through your body. Gaining a much larger fan base over time. He has become one of the most hard hitting artist in Florida. #FeverCityENT

Stream/Download: https://create.ffm.to/big29


For Information Contact Anthony ‘Big Amp’ Parker 813-728-7881

Booking: Shane Cole 5613067699 OfficialPoloDaDonBooking@gmail.com

Chicago Rapper Taco Releases New Album “Underrated”

Chicago Rapper Taco Releases New Album “Underrated” 
Passion, hunger, determination and consistency are just a few words that come to mind when you hear of Chicago Rapper Taco. Taco was born and raised in the rough streets of Chicago on the Southwest side in a housing project called “LeClaire Courts,” which isn’t known for its grittiness. Many people call Taco “The Diamond in The Rough,” because of the success he’s had in his music career, despite coming from such a tough environment. 
Taco is the latest to grab the attention of music industry insiders. The main thing that sets him apart from his peers is the variety of music he offers. Taco literally has a song for everyone. He’s one of the most versatile artists in Chicago. Taco rose to regional prominence thanks to the success of his song “Stayed Down,” a street banger that impacted well at radio. With other songs like the catchy “Never Change Up,” he’s already proven that he has a variety of styles at his disposal. He makes songs that people can relate to and he proudly carries Chicago on his shoulders. 
Taco built his name by headlining and selling out concerts at numerous major venues in Chicago. The period of 2018-2019 was successful for the rhyme slinger  due to the fact that he had 11 consecutive sold out concerts in venues such as Wire, Bottom Lounge, Reggies, Subterranean, Bourbon On Division, Club Red, and JC Martini Club. He even had a concert on the “Summers of George” Boat. 
Equally important, Taco also sold out his dream venue The House Of Blues in 2019 with 1300 people in attendance. In late 2020 Taco inked his first major deal with “Sony” (The Orchard). His newly released album “Underrated” is why we’re here! The critically acclaimed album is now available on his official website: www.TacoMusicOfficial.com 
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Official Website: www.tacomusicofficial.com

[New Album] GREENFOLKZ (@5tash_ ) Newest Album “GFZPL”

Kicking off the New Year with a huge bang, “Greenfolkz!”, In collaboration with their Affiliate group/label “East Atlanta Pirate Life”, have teamed up for a super-project, over 9 months in the making. Greenfolkz! an ATL based Label & Collective Group of Independent Artists Led by “5tash”, – Ryan Lamar Alexander, of Prince George’s County, Maryland & “Odashow”- Oluseyi Olaore, outta Cincinnati, Ohio, consisting of Yoxay”- Joseph Allen, also from P.G. County, Maryland, “LunLun”- Lunden White, “Glorious Queen“- Catalina Simpson, and Producers “Brutus The Melodist“,-Joshua Branden Welch, “KNYKEYS”, Kenneth Reyes; surely know exactly what it takes to make classic albums.

Following, THE WINTER’$ CIRCLE” the collective’s Sophomore Studio Album Released on 12/15/20, the GVNG is right back with their 3rd Studio Album, “GFZPL” to be Released on New Years Day 1/1/20.

Their affiliate group/label “East Atlanta Pirate Life”, consists of “MT!“-Marcus Thomas, a native ATLien, “Zaybo!”another native ATLien, and super-Prodcuer and artist “Yung Swizx“, Brian Hardwick of Pittsburgh, among others.

Quite the opposite of their last LP, the new-age winter time, Holiday/ Christmas themed project, “GFZPL”, is a more gritty up-tempo bop that highlights n captures the 5qaud’s unique n distinct flows over masterfully crafted hardcore hip hop beats. The production on this Album is extremely interesting & pretty much outta this world. The entire project except for the first track, “FMD” featuring 5tash & Odashow, is exclusively produced by none other than the GNVG’s veteran in-house super producer, “Yung Swizx“, Brian Hardwick of Pittsburgh. “GFZPL” was Executive Produced by “5tash” & “Yung Swizx“, featuring production by Joshua Branden Welch aka “Brutus the Melodist” on “FMD”.

The GNVG sounds incredible on this one, coming with some of the 5quad’s hardest bars, flows & hooks to date. Featured Artist on this project are “MT!” & “Yung Swizx“ of “EA Pirate Life”, and “Odashow”,, “Yoxay!” & of course “5tash” of “Greenfolkz!”. The album consists of ten completely original tracks, 9 of which were masterfully crafted by the ‘Swizxard’ himself. They for surely out did theirselves yet again, with this one. “CoronaVibes”, the album’s welcome mat record, produced by “Yung Swizx” definitely sets the tone, and rightfully so. The Folkz! really came through this time with some heavy Bangers right in time to kick 2021 off the right way, & to be quite honest, this may be one of the best released projects, thus far. With already certified hits like “Skkkrrrttt! (Flash On)”, “BagBros”, “Big Bored” & “Nobody’s 5afe”, in addition to the albums other unreleased bangers such as “50AF,” “What’s Hanninn!?“, & “EA Pirate Life!”, the GVNG has surely assembled a masterpiece for the ages, but why don’t you decide and take a listen for yourself!


Album Link: https://album.link/us/i/1547060495

SauceGod – The Lone Wolf (EP)

Buzzworthy Virginia recording artist SauceGod closes out 2020 with a featureless quick tape, titled, The Lone Wolf.

The five-song collection sees the emerging talent howling at the moon by his lonesome with groovy bass production, impressive wordplay and magnetic appeal. SauceGod takes us into his universe with brilliantly creative songs like “Make Believe,” Da Zazombies” and “Atari Vibes.” The Lone Wolf is a significant collective for today’s hip-hop enthusiasts as SauceGod is destined to be one of the year’s breakout stars in 2021.

Crafty image, trendy subject matter, different execution, SauceGod is on-par with all of today’s much-talked-about new sensations. Matured and completely confident in his solo abilities, The Lone Wolf follows collaborations with uprising sound architects JB.

The Lone Wolf is the latest project since the buzzing artist caught our attention with the signature mix on 2019’s “Maghreb Gang” featuring French Montana, HAMZA and Khaled. Throughout the year, SauceGod kept the attention on him with one-shot releases like “Amends,” “Geeked” and “Active.” The new EP is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. After streaming, continue to follow SauceGod’s journey on social media.

Get familiar with SauceGod today, check out the new EP below.

[New Album] GREENFOLKZ! “THE WINTER’S CIRCLE” @greenfolkz.ent @5tash_

“Brand New Sophmore Album by Greenfolkz! an ATL based Label & Collective Group of Independent Artists consisting of and led by “5tash”, – Ryan Lamar Alexander, “Yoxay”- Joseph Allen, both from Prince George’s County, Maryland, “Odashow”- Oluseyi Olaore, Outta Cincinnati, Ohio, “Steffany Saffire”- Ehime Sadoh, of the Bronx, New York, “MT!“-Marcus Thomas, a native ATLien, “LunLun”- Lunden White, “Glorious Queen“- Catalina Simpson, and Producers “Brutus The Melodist“,-Joshua Branden Welch, another native ATLien, “Yung Swizx“, Brian Hardwick of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania & “Kenny Keyz”, Kenneth Reyes, from Guatemala.

“THE WINTER’$ CIRCLE” Is the collective’s Sophomore Studio Album Released on 12/15/20. The LP is a Holiday/ Christmas themed project that highlights n captures the vibe n cold spirt of this Dark Winter Time while still coming with lit bops during a on-going and seemingly never ending global pandemic. The production on this Album is outta here & extremely interesting, coming from multiple hands. Executive Produced by 5tash & Brutus The Melodist, featuring production by Rxkz, Chimchilla Beats, Catchiez & Annie O. 5tash & The Folkz! sound incredibly inspired by the season coming with some of the gangs most Catchy hooks to date. Featured Artist on this project are Glorious Queen, Steffany Saffire, Brutus The Melodist, LunLun & of course 5tash. The holiday cheer extends further, with this sure holiday classic. the album’s consists of ten original tracks of good winter time sounds & reminiscent/familiar jingles of the season.

Album Hyperlink

The Album’s Lead Single is ironically track number 2, I.W.W.” (Independent Woman Winter) featuring 5tash & Steffany Saffire.

“Greenfolkz! definitely out did theirselves with this one. “THE WINTER’S CIRCLE” now joins the pantheon of unconventional Christmas Project Hall of Fame with one the most unexpected winter time slaps, “Bread & Butter” that comes with acting as an album’s welcome mat. “The Folkz!” really came through this time with some heavy Christmas Bangers in time for the Holiday Season’s peak. To be honest this may be one of the best projects in their series, thus far.

With certified seasonal hits like “12/25”, “SZN!”, “10 Days Past The Fifteen” & “Jingle Bales”, in addition to the other Winter time chimes such as ICEBaby, “I.W.W.” (Independent Woman Winter), Off-White & ICEBox, 5tash and the 5quad have surely assembled a masterpiece for the times., “Saint Nick“ may go down as one of 5tash’s best tracks of the past few years but why don’t you decide for yourself and take a listen. Good Job 5quad, Keep 5tashin’!”

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