New Single: “Keeping It G” By @KidK2013

Released today is KidK Official’s newest single entitled “Keeping It G”.

The modern era of music has given way to enigmas and artists of all shapes and forms who break the norm of what we have come to expect as far as what an artist truly is.  Available now on all digital streaming platforms via the link below.
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New Music: “Zion” By Lani


Lani’s afrobeat/ reggae inspired EP is filled with music that reigns with motivation, positivity, love and strength. Lani’s devotion to her family is the heart of this EP as it is titled after her son ‘Zion’. This creole songstress created all her songs on this EP to be relatable to everyone across the world with beautiful themes, lyrics and melodies that will have you singing and dancing along no matter who you are and where you are from.



Nene Ali “Deep Cover” Freestyle (Video)

In a time of consistent uncertainty and blatant deception, Nene Ali delivers a minute of cutthroat bars, summing up the root of all evils and the effect on black lives.

In front of Edenwald Houses and the local corner store, Ali drops jewel after jewel leaving no room for appraisals…Through raw emotion she exposes today’s fashion of slavery, attempting to survive as a pawn in a corrupt system, being surrounded by activists screaming Black Lives Matter only for applause, and other societal genocides…all in one minute.

Guarded with her third eye open, “Y’all n*ggas screaming peace screaming f*uck that sh*t peacefully, eye for an eye womb for a womb whatever you do I do it equally.” Watch “Deep Cover” the freestyle below.

Vi City Gears Up For His Next Release “i LuV3 m3” featuring MoneyBagg Yo!

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Vi City’s new Single “OnGod” is on gaining speed!! “On God” is getting love on all platforms with well over a million views/listens!! Get ready because Vi City is about to turn it up with the next joint “i LuV3 m3” featuring MoneyBagg Yo!! Watch the BTS below and get in tune!! Help us run it up when it drops!!
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Sometimes all the words, all the braggin’, all the stories you’ve heard a million times need to get put on hold for a little while. Sometimes you just need instruments, melody, harmony and musical emotion. Skywalker Dutch just put out the soundtrack for you to hear your own story. A back drop of 14 masterfully produced and engineered instrumental tracks. These previously unreleased cuts blend a new style of sound and composition with an air of familiarity that will make you feel both grounded in the present while feeling the freshness of the future. Streaming on all platforms.

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Watch The New Flick From ‘Vi City’ Titled “On GOD” | @IamViCity

Chicago Artist Vi City Delivers A Visual For Rising Single “On GOD”

One of Chicago’s very own, Vi City, originally from the ‘Wild Hundreds’ area of the southside. He’s back on the music scene with a brand new visual for “On GOD” tune in!!

One of Chicago’s very own, Vi City, originally from the Wild Hundreds, is back on the music scene. Crafting a sound that captures the pain and hope of a youth striving to make a better way, combined with the ambition and skills to actually have made it out, the celebratory tones reign supreme on this wave of sound for the veteran rapper, songwriter and producer.

Vi’s introduction to the game came via working with Mathaus Ent. & Chilly of the 1st & 15th label in conjunction with Lupe Fiasco. Shortly after, he connected with DJ Skee to release a mixtape under Skee’s Skeeter’s TV label. His next stint came working with St. Louis’ own, Nelly, co – penning the hit Country N**** Fly (CNF). In the midst of acquiring a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Vi wrote and featured on “Some Ish” by Sir Michael Rocks ft. Twista off of his #1 debut solo album “Banco.” Along the way, he also has done some work with the iconic producer duo Da Interz (Tuo Clark & Kosine).

Prior to deciding to drop new music of his own, Vi founded and branded Hundreds Entertainment, a music and film production firm of which he signed talented artist, Phoînix Keyz out of St. Louis, MO and has started crafting Phoînix’ debut project around each of the 6 instruments he plays.

Vi’s new album “S7V3N” is set to release early 2021.

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Briana Donniel – Sick AF

Hard-hitting lyricist brings playful style to the world with new single ‘Sick AF’ 

COLUMBUS, GA – Briana Donniel is one of those rare artists who dares to tackle topics that not many other artists talk about. This independent Hip Hop musician from Columbus, Georgia, has a smooth delivery with witty punchlines that give her music a special kind of vibe that offers a deeper look at life. Her latest single,” Sick AF,” is the perfect example of her signature sound and style. 

Told from the point of view of the “girl next door,” the song explores what it means to be an independent woman in today’s day and age. The girl in the song is one that every guy wants to be with and who other girls want to be. She’s a boss chick who is really pretty and who is doing her own thing and she doesn’t care about any other girls’ opinion about her, Donniel said.  

“I’m very old-school when it comes to music especially in the world of Rap and R&B,” she said. “So I wanted to go with the vibe of the early 2000s. I do a lot of references from old songs from back in that era. It’s just a fun song that I think people will like. The beat is hard but it’s still fun at the same time.” 

Donniel said the song also has pieces of commentary laced throughout that show a bit of her playful side. But more than anything, her new track is one that fully puts on display her ability to weave powerful lyrics against a catchy melody. It’s also a song that showcases her unique voice which sits in the higher registers and stands out as it soars over the beat.  

At an early age, Donniel had a deep love for music. Growing up, she was heavily inspired by Hip Hop and R&B and especially loved the playful yet hard-hitting artists like Missy Elliot and Eminem. In early 2019, she transitioned from a fan to an artist and songwriter, and her versatility has shown since then. She’s become known in the industry as someone who can create songs with a range of emotions, while diving into lyrical content that cuts to the core. 

“I want to talk about real things,” she said. “I want people to know I’m gonna be true to myself and inspire others along the way. I especially want to uplift younger girls to go for their goals and live for their dreams. I’ve been insecure most of my life and never thought music would be the way to go. But it’s the one thing that always uplifts me and brings confidence back to my life. It helps me know I can do anything, and I want to create music that does that for others. Live your dreams. Be the best you can be. I want to do anything and everything, and I know if I put my mind to it, I can demolish it.” 

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J’Mill – One Of A Kind

Young Hollywood star Jalyn Emil Hall launches music career with new single ‘One of a Kind’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – One of the entertainment industry’s hottest young up-and-comers is about to take his talents to the international stage with his new single “One of a Kind.” Jalyn “J’Mill” Hall is a 14-year-old actor and singer best known for his role as Dillon James on the hit CW show “All American” as well as for parts in blockbuster hits “The House With a Clock in its Walls” and “Shaft,” just to name a few. Having spent the better part of the past decade acting and performing in Hollywood, this young entertainer is now set to showcase his skills within a different artistic discipline: MUSIC. 

“One of a Kind” is the first of many singles to come this year from the young star. Inspired by his journey so far, it’s a song that details where he’s come from and what he sees for his future. It’s a song that doesn’t pull back on the Hip Hop tone despite his age. And it’s for that reason that he knows the track will connect with a lot of fans around the world. 

“With kids nowadays, Hip Hop is often watered down,” J’Mill said. “I want to bring that same type of tone that big rappers have, but with my own twist. A lot of my music reflects from my experiences – now and before. I know I’m only 14 but I still have a lot of moments to learn from and express to people that I think will be relatable and interesting to know about. Telling stories in your music is really important.” 

With music now firmly in place as another weapon in his arsenal, J’Mill truly becomes a triple threat entertainer – acting, modeling and music. The latter is something he’s always been interested in and naturally gifted at, but the acting has been so consistent that it has dominated his time. But in the summer of 2020, he had the opportunity to meet the CEO of BTMR Entertainment, Michelle J. Harvest, who loved his sound and style and put him in touch with super producer Mal G.  

“Acting has been the main root of my career tree, but now that I’m branching off into music, too, I see myself doing really big things,” he said. “I hope people feel and love what I’m bringing to the table. I hope people see a kid who had a piece of every other kid. We go through a lot of different stuff these days and music can help you get through. So I hope you can listen to my music and feel like I’m an artist who is someone you can relate to – an artist who is relatable to every other kid. I’m making songs for all the feelings in the world, and I have a lot of music that will be coming out this year.” 

J’Mill said he owes a lot to his parents – mother Yma McGowan and father Jerry Hall – who have supported and encouraged him every step of the way along his journey as a professional entertainer. He also said he appreciates all that BTMR Entertainment and Mal G have done to help him find his sound and produce such a great single. 

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TooFaced – Numbed Emotions

Dark, hard-hitting artist brings in sweeter tone on new EP ‘Look Back’ 

GROTON, CT – If you only listen to the body of work that East Coast artist Dylan Robinson has released over the course of his young career, you might think that he’s an angry, stand-offish fellow. His sound is dark and evocative of heavy bands such as The Suicide Boys or Ghostmane. But if you meet him in person and talk to him for a bit, you’ll realize that he has a very friendly disposition and is actually a pretty nice guy to hang out with. It’s that duality of personality that serves as the impetus for his stage name TooFaced, and it’s that kind of energy that he brings to the table with his new EP “Look Back.” 

Currently available across all streaming platforms, “Look Back” shows off an evolution of style and sound from this young artist by introducing a lighter, “sweeter” sound to the dark tones he’s become known for. With five songs, TooFaced blends a lot of different emotions and feelings together as he looks back at his journey so far and revels in a bit of nostalgia. 

“It’s about everything anyone works toward and knowing that after a certain amount of time, you can look back and feel like you’ve learned and moved forward,” he said. “I think the main thing that sets me apart from anyone else in the game right now is that I always present an extremely honest view of things. I don’t try to make people think I’m more or less than I am. I don’t fill shoes with what I want to be. And I believe if the whole world could do that, it would be a much better place.” 

The debut single from the project is a song called “Numbed Emotions” which is the third track on the EP. TooFaced said it’s the sweetest song he’s ever made and as such, it will surprise a lot of people who are familiar with his work. But that’s what he always hopes to do with his music – offer new things that provide new perspective and a little bit of shock value. Ultimately, the song details his journey in the music world and the various things he’s experienced emotionally. He’s had to sacrifice a lot – from love to friends to extended relationships. But in the end, he said being “on top” makes it all worth it and the sacrifice ultimately necessary. 

“My music is, quite simply, honesty,” he said. “It’s music that inspires people to find out their own truths.” 

TooFaced said he’s working on more music to follow up “Look Back” and has another EP that should drop before the summer that will feature a lot of lo-fi type music.  

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“Look Back”