Bobby Zane – Called From Da Trenches

Chester, PA rapper Bobby Zane is putting on with his new project release “Called From Da Trenches”.

The 11-track project offers heavy-hitting tracks that each vary from gritty trap beats to melodic song cries, displaying the versatility and range the upcoming rapper truly has.

Bobby Zane is currently in the process of signing to super-producer Jahlil Beats, so rest assure this is only the beginning of what more he has up his sleeve.

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Kevo Sabe – “Memorable” (Music Video)

Kevo Sabe is an emerging new artist with a hot song out, “Road Runner.” Not one to let all eyes on him go to waste, he drops a new visual for a freestyle track, titled “Memorable.” A braggadocious song about buying the best jewelry, driving the most exotic cars, cooking up in the studio and, of course, messing with thots. The visual shows Sabe emulating the flow of popular Memphis artist, Pooh Sheisty, and demonstrates his versatility alongside an all-white foreign.

“Road Runner” and “Memorable” put Kevo Sabe off to a great start as one of 2021’s new artist-to-watch in Hip Hop. The wave of the two releases easily builds up large anticipation for an expected project release coming late-2021. After viewing “Memorable” below, feel free to explore more of Kevo Sabe’s music on Soundcloud and follow him of on social media. Watch “Memorable” below.

SOS LO ft. Chris King, Trippie Redd – “Honorable Flex” (Official Video)

South Carolina sensation SOS Lo, up-and-coming rhymer Chris King and superstar Trippie Redd are the new Mystery Inc. in the fresh release for the new visual to the collaboration “Honorable Flex.” A standout release for SOS Lo on his rise to mainstream stardom. the trio delivers potentially one of the biggest songs of the Summer as the new norm in Hip Hop approaches.

In the Louieknows-directed visual, the stars, alongside a trio of baddies, are medisome kids, running around a haunted house that is filled with unhappy ghosts. During their exploration, the gang finds cursed artifacts and flex on the spirits with pockets full of blue faces. For SOS Lo, “Honorable Flex” is easily the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan discovering his trippy trap infused wordplay. “What I want people to take from my music is that no matter what you’re going through, things can always get better. There is no point in focusing on life’s negatives,” SOS LO says in recent statement. Stream the new single now via Death To Normalcy.

Produced by AP for the Ap Factor and Abraham Poythress, the new single prepares the world for SOS Lo expected upcoming project coming late-2021. For more on SOS Lo, follow him on Instagram.

Take a look at the new visual from SOS Lo below.

Cap City Kid – In Due Time x Payback

cap city kid

Recently Columbus native and Ohio word spitter, Cap City Kid delivered his new project In Due Time. Fans of the 26 year-old talent have been waiting patiently for this new release that shows this highly capable wordsmith in his best light, displaying maturity and growth in his music with each release.

Consolidated into five new songs for fans, In Due Time is a coming of age project that gives fans something to latch on to as Cap City Kid prepares to hit fans relentlessly with more music.

“It’s been a little bit since I released music, all 2019 I had done this thing where I was putting out a song a week. Just kind of because I could and because I was just trying to build my catalog. Since then I’ve been working on a lot of music especially all of last year going to the top of this year. Really I got multiple albums worth of stuff, but I really just wanted to get a project out there,” Cap City Kid explained.

“This is just like a little appetizer almost because the rest of the year we have multiple projects planned, multiple releases, singles more like EPs and full length albums. I just wanted to get something out there, you know, that was a small, but like good compilation music. A couple of different sounds on there for people to digest and just kind of a set up for the rest of the year. I didn’t want to start too crazy with a full length album or anything. But I just wanted to come with some good music that I could preface the rest of the year with and reach out to the fans.”

Pieced together with producers from across the internet, Cap City Kid has been locked in with lesser known up-and-coming producers after having worked with big artists like DJ Mustard on more recent projects.

“Sometimes if a random producer sends me beats whether they got my email through social media or whatever, I’m always going through those and just listening because you never know what you’re going to find. I find music from the dopest and most obscure random places. So it was crazy. A lot of the producers that I worked with on this project are still on their own come-up just like I am, which honestly makes it even doper,” Cap City Kid said.

“Cause once this project prospers and we get it to the place we want to get it. It’s a win for both of us and advances us both further in our careers. So lately I’ve been working with smaller ones, man. I’ve gotten to work with big producers in the past. I’ve been fortunate to work with DJ mustard on my last project which was crazy. And obviously he’s a whole other level of super producer at this point in the rap game, but this was just something different and still very special without the big names.

Remaining true to the city that gave him his name, Cap City Kid is forever thankful to be able to draw fans from the adjacent Ohio State University and the community that surrounds him in Columbus.

“I always say it’s a blessing and a curse being in Columbus. I say it’s a blessing because there hasn’t been a major artist really yet to come out of Columbus, so there’s got to be someone that’s finally going to break through at some point. And why can’t it be me? And it’s also a curse because no one has broken out of Columbus. So there’s no like alpha that came out of the city, that people can follow that same path or you know, be a mentor throughout this journey,” Cap City Kid said.

“At the same time, it’s also a dope city because there’s a lot of young people – we got to OSU right down the street, you know, it’s one of the biggest campuses in the country and the world. It’s absolutely nuts, so the resources are like everywhere, man, you got 80,000 students here and pretty much my target audience already as it is right now. There’s a lot of dope venues in Columbus, there’s a lot to take advantage of and there’s also a lot of dope artists in Columbus that just like me, I feel like haven’t gotten the proper recognition. So I’m hoping this project sheds some light on the city.”

Kid Problem Drops “Yeah Yeah” Video

We Hot Music and Irvington, NJ rapper Kid Problem release visuals for his hit single “Yeah Yeah,”  available now on all major platforms.

The video, by Cane Green Films, captures the raw emotion and intense energy from Kid Problem. The catchy hook, “Who am I to judge somebody always knew I’d be somebody, I be like finger out the window b*tch yeah yeah” and knocking bass drives the track along with Kid’s cut-throat bars.

His moves depict his come up and now focused, Kid Problem has no time for lameness, fake street thugs, or money-hungry dames. Watch the video and connect with Kid Problem below.

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King Beli – I’m Hungry 2 (Mixtape)

King Beli tease of promising future in Hip Hop with the release of his new mixtape, I’m Hungry 2. For the sequel, the North Carolina rapper taps a trio DJs in DJ Derrick Geeter, DJ Dellmatic and DJ Ike Geda to host. For the latest installment, Beli and Derty North Records deliver an 11-track ensemble of traperified lyrics over the production of today’s most popular Hip Hop hits.

The project further grows Beli’s newfound notoriety following the hit release, “Juice Her Up,” with fellow North Carolina sensation, Renni Rucci. And with North Carolina one of the hotspots in today’s hip-hop for top prospects, King Beli is merely a hit away from mainstream explosion. As a lyricist, I’m Hungry 2 is King Beli at his purest and the perfect origin point for any newfound fan.

Check out the entire mixtape below, courtesy of Audiomack.


Jaquae from VH1’s ‘Love & Hip-Hop: New York’ teamed up with new artist Highlight, of Gallery Music Group, to create the video of the year. Titled “Movie”, it was only right they linked with director Ben Griffin to bring the smash-hit to the ‘big-screen.’ Ben is best known for his work with Lil Pump and Demi Lovato.

As for Highlight, in a matter of months, not only has he created amazing music, but he also started a record label. He continues to put together a powerful team. Highlight is a true believer in God. He found his faith in his youth and it continues to be the driving force for his life and his success today. With his faith, his team, and a huge support system, Highlight will make huge waves that will take the music industry by surprise.

Watch in full below.

New Music: Mo Moody – “Good Thing” | @MoMoody187

Mo Moody releases a new single called “Good Thing” off his upcoming project For The Women. The track was produced by Grammy nominated producer Gerald White. The Lancaster, Virginia native also has a new project out now with Mista Cain titled Big Business. Listen below via Spotify or on any music platform.

Derek Minor – “Fair” (Official Video)

Grammy-winning recording artist, Derek Minor, takes the old school for a cruise through the City of Angels to take in the sights and enjoy the sunny weather for the new visual to his latest single “Fair.” Directed by Will Thomas, the Reflection Music Group representa hits the beach and the bluffs with a trio of slick-witted verses about how he flipped his negative energy into ambition like summersaults and allow his faith to guide him to greatness. Stream it now via Reflection Music Group/EMPIRE.

“Fair” is a follow-up to Minor’s previous drop, “Clean,” the accomplished veteran has been very active lately with the release of three new songs so far in 2021. For the “Fair” concept, Minor said, “Oftentimes we focus on the negative and not the blessings that surround us. I wrote Fair as an anthem for everyone convinced to enjoy life to its fullest extent.”

With more new music on the way, “Fair” adds to the anticipated full-length project by Derek Minor, expectedly in the works. For daily updates and more, follow Derek Minor on Instagram. Watch “Fair” below.

[New EP] Teddy Rose – The Pleasure is Mine | @teddyroselife

Teddy Rose – The Pleasure is Mine

Teddy Rose “The Pleasure is Mine”. This project is extremely wavy! Teddy Rose deliveries smooth melodic flows over mellow vibey beats. The song Blinded features up and coming R&B sensation TheyNeedWeez and is the kind of record that gets put on repeat for days. Teddy Rose has been giving his fans a diverse catalog with his most recent releases. Proving his ability to stand out as an individual with his own unique sound.

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