What Are Masonry Dave Chappelle & Dr. EnQi Manifesting

Masonry Dave Chappelle #846 highlights what Elijah Muhammad predicted and Dr. EnQi has been manifesting.

Young Pharaoh and many other YouTube teachers have associated dangerous sociopathic behavior with the Masons & Freemasons. I must admit that I too believed all these ideas without a second thought until I saw Dr. EnQi teach, it was a mind-blowing game changer!

Dr. EnQi connected the Dave Chappelle 846 show to some of the secret teachings of Elijah Muhammad with masterful precision, showing how all of today’s events are related. Young Pharaoh is awesome, but he should get with Dr. EnQi, I feel that YP has surpassed Sa Ra Suten Seti thus he has nothing left to learn from him. Dr. EnQi clearly has mastered certain levels of information YP has not quite tapped into.

by Lucy German

Sean Oatz named Cleveland Director of Backline and gives Indie artist a 20,000 Grant

Backline Musician Program Hires Cleveland Director, Announces Inaugural Program

The program which also provides $20,000 grants began accepting applications

CLEVELAND, OH– Backline, a free, grant-based musician accelerator program launched in Cleveland this week. Backline Cleveland will coach, connect, and provide $20,000 in grant funding to each of the four artists who are selected from a rigorous application, audition and interview process. Backline’s goal is to help emerging artists from the local community increase their chances of “breaking out,” and to further put Cleveland on the map for top musical talent. Backline was founded in Milwaukee in 2018 by 88Nine Radio Milwaukee and gener8tor and has since expanded to Detroit and now Cleveland. Backline was named one of Fast Company’s “10 Most Innovative Music Companies of 2020.”

Sean Oatz (“Oatz”) has been hired by gener8tor to lead Backline Cleveland. Oatz’s deep roots in the Cleveland music scene include serving as the talent manager for Cleveland musicians Lil Cray, Dj Ky, YFL Kelvin, Luis Armando and Congrez. Oatz was also a promoter at Rumor nightclub.

“Working with music industry executive and record label owner Leonard Brooks, I became a very well-rounded artist manager,” said Oatz. “The job as the Director of Backline Cleveland is a perfect fit, as it allows me to do what I already love; impact artists’ careers and help them become a breakthrough artist.”

“We are thrilled to have Oatz leading the Backline Cleveland program,” said Abby Taubner, partner at gener8tor. “It’s clear that Oatz has a deep network and has gained immense respect from the music community in Cleveland, and we can’t wait for him to further support that community through the Backline program.”

Backline will run one annual 12-week accelerator program in Cleveland beginning this fall. Cleveland-area artists can apply now at www.backlinemusic.com/apply. Although the process to be selected is competitive, it is also designed to be enriching. Local musicians who apply will have their music heard by national industry leaders who are tapped to help judge the applications and select the participants. Beyond working with just four artists in the program itself, Backline will also offer the broader Cleveland music community free office hours with program director Oatz, and free quarterly workshops open to the public.

To kick off Backline’s engagement in Cleveland, a free, virtual “Emergency Response Program” will be made available to any creatives struggling with the effects of COVID-19. The program will last one week, and consist of three webinars aimed at understanding local resources that may be helpful at this time. One-on-one office hours will also be made available to participants. Sign up at https://www.gener8tor.com/emergency-response-program/cleveland.

Backline Cleveland is funded by the City of Cleveland and The Finch Group, both of which also sponsor gener8tor’s pre-accelerator startup program gBETA in Cleveland. Both gBETA and Backline run out of Glenville CircleNorth, a new development built as part of Mayor Jackson’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative. For more information and to sign up for Backline Cleveland’s mailing list, visit https://backlinemusic.com/cleveland.

About The Finch Group

The Finch Group (TFG) is a full service, vertically integrated real estate firm with 30+ years of hands on experience in asset management, consulting, developing, rehabilitating, marketing and managing multifamily residential, commercial, hotel and mixed-use properties.

About gener8tor

gener8tor’s turnkey platform for the creative economy connects startup founders, musicians, artists, investors, universities and corporations. The gener8tor platform includes pre-accelerators, accelerators, corporate programming, conferences and fellowships.

About Backline

Backline’s 12-week grant accelerator program provides coaching, mentoring, industry networking, and grants to cohorts of three or four musicians and/or bands. Each participant of the program receives a $20,000 budget grant. The Backline program is free to artists and takes no residuals, royalties, or revenue share. Musicians and bands of any genre may apply. A panel of local and national music industry professionals interview and select the participants. Backline also hosts free quarterly workshops open to the public. Backline is a partnership by gener8tor and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

Judge Joe Brown, Dr. EnQi Debate Natural Healing & Covid-19 (Video)

Judge Joe Brown was in rare form debating the benefits of Plant-Based eating and Herbs with the G.O.A.T of Holistic Health Science Dr. EnQi.

Dr. Sebi would have been proud of the way Dr. EnQi used the verbal shoulder roll patented by Floyd Mayweather to avoid the onslaught of hooks and uppercuts thrown by the Judge. In a world where we are plagued by a global pandemic, this is a must-listen for entertainment and more importantly education. This is another example of how Dr. EnQi single-handedly carries the Holistic Culture to new heights.

The Godfather of HoodPranks Chaca Fambino Murphy shows the movie industry

The Godfather of HoodPranks Chaca Fambino Murphy shows the movie industry he is a true entrepreneur

Fambino not only did extraordinary in his first week of sells, hoodpranks breaks records it’s first week, thanks to redcoral and his partner LarryMeistrich, not only did the break records, fambino and hoodpranks the movie is looking at major distribution they will have him and his team very wealthy. Not bad for a guy from the streets of New York, Fambino has a lot of projects he will be producing in the years to come, his success is definitely showing the world being independent can lead you to the next level to hopefully becoming a millionaire

As of now the movie can be played exclusively on Hoodpranks.com. with this epic accomplishment set in motion, Hoodpranks 2 as well as the Hoodpranks TV series are already in progress. There has been a great support system from stars such as Neyo, and Maino with influencers ranging from “itsbizkitt” to the “Doubledose Twins” with the continuing support it would blatantly appear that failure is not an option for Fambino

I.g LarryMeistrich
Hoodpranks the movie streaming now on Hoodpranks.com..
Hoodpranks music volume one on all streams

Cel Escobar – Devil Want My Soul

Hot new rapper Cel Escobar displays impressive flow with new EP ‘4 For 4’ 

TRENTON, NJ – There’s a lot of versatility and nuance to the music coming from new Hip Hop wonder Cel Escobar, and he attributes much of that to the upbringing of his father, James Oliver and his grandmother, Gladys Oliver.  

Growing up in Trenton, New Jersey, Cel was rarely away from either of those inspirational people. While his father was at work, Cel stayed with his grandmother. Much of what he did was with her, and she – along with his father –taught him what it meant to be a man of integrity and to care for others around him. Between the two of them, they taught young Cel a love for music and the right way to dream for the future. And though most of his youth was dedicated to sports – including two years playing baseball in college – it seemed only natural to pursue a career in music once he finished college. In many ways, it was a fulfillment of promises his father and grandmother had spoken over him for much of his life – promises that come to fruition with his forthcoming new album “Blessed and Highly Favored.” 

“My grandma gave me the title name because she has always felt I was blessed,” Cel said. “She’d always tell me I was blessed and that I should always thank God for what I have and that has always stuck with me. She also has always told me that I’m highly favored. My father raised me and gave me my foundation, and I believe my versatility as an artist comes from him because he had me listening to all music genres. But where I’m from, it’s rare to have talent as a musician, and my grandma has always pointed me out as one of the highly favored ones to make it.” 

That inspirational message is one Cel hopes to share with the rest of the world through his music. Primarily a rapper, this young musician takes inspiration from all walks of life – whether it be societal issues or stories from his life or even dreams of the future. He’s versatile as an artist but also adheres to the old school Hip Hop style that put that genre on the map in the first place. And more than anything, he takes pride in his ability to rap at the highest level.

“That’s really what separates me a lot from anyone else,” he said. “A lot of things inspire me and I can write and rap about anything. If something really excites me, I’ll rap about it. Or I might rap about my scenery, or something I like, or something like the George Floyd thing. A lot of times it also depends on the mood I’m in.” 

That versatility will be put on display first through a four-song EP called “4 For 4” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Starting with an intro that’s perfect for a summer vibe, the next three songs take listeners on a bit of a ride through Cel’s creative process. With “Devil Want My Soul,” Cel encourages people to go the extra mile in all things. 

“Don’t sell yourself short,” he said. “Push to the limit. That’s the message of that song, and it ties back into the full album.” 

With “Strictly for the Trenches,” Cel said he lets fans get an inside look into his evolution as an artist. This is the first song he wrote and recorded, and he said he opted to include it on the album as an homage to one of his friends who is featured on the track. The message of the song is inspired by the poverty and environment that surrounded him at the time. 

The last song on the EP is “Ride With Me” featuring the female artist Mya. Cel describes it as a mellowed, relaxed song that is perfect for cruising down the highway. A music video for this single and “Devil Want My Soul” are due to drop before the end of the summer. 

To listen to Cel Escobar’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 




“4 For 4” 


Kurrlina Kurrlina – Karma

North Carolina rapper with new single ‘Karma’ proves that hard work pays off

FAIRMONT, NC – Those who live in North Carolina know that there’s a certain way you say “Carolina.” You need to use a thick Southern drawl with the vowels drawn out so that it sounds more like “Kurrlina.” It’s a signature sound that stands out – there’s nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

That’s also true of North Carolina rapper Markel Albritton who embraces his roots by using the stage name Kurrlina Kurrlina. As one would expect, his drawl is forefront as part of his signature sound, but its witty wordplay and catchy hooks are turning heads all along the East Coast these days.

His newest single “Karma” has been getting quite a bit of attention. The upbeat, all-purpose track is perfect for club banging or hanging in the hood. It’s full of energy and pairs with an inspirational message that encourages listeners to pull through the negative things in their lives and turn them into positives.

“I work hard and I’ve been working hard for years,” Kurrlina said. “That, more than anything, is what sets me apart from anyone else. Nobody sounds like me and I don’t sound like anybody else because my style is distinct. But more than anything, I never quit. I keep going and growing and stay popping, and that’s what this song is about.”

Kurrlina said he first was introduced to Rap through his love of poetry. He became known in high school as a guy who would put a lot of crazy words together to create interesting rhyme schemes, and when he started using that power to share his unique story, people started to pay attention. Today, most of his music is based on his life and the stories he has to share with the world. Those stories are inspired by the things he’s seen or gone through and tinged with his dreams and aspirations for the future.

“I’m talk about real-life, inspirational stuff,” he said. “I represent the struggle and my music is inspired by real events, which is why it relates to people. I’m trying to spread a wave and set a mark on the world. I have what it takes not just to survive but to thrive, and it’s time for people to take notice. We’re just doing what we gotta do to get where we wanna go.”

Over the past decade, Kurrlina has dropped five mixtapes each year, with music that has won him five outstanding performances and put him on the map in a way that has allowed him to open for major artists such as Migos, Rich Homie Quan, Young LA, and Legend Zero. He has also dropped several videos, each gaining hundreds of thousands of plays on his YouTube channel. Now under the management of J’Will with J’Will Entertainment, Kurrlina said he’s ready to take his music to the next level and begin bringing in a wider international audience. 

To listen to Kurrlina Kurrlina’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:








Red Coral Music and Fambiz Entertainment announce Joint Venture with Red Coral Music @fambinohoodpranks

Red Coral Music and Fambiz Entertainment are pleased to announce their Joint Venture Red Coral Music will be a home for a diverse list of artistic talents and established names in the world pf music.. Larry Meistrich of Red Coral Music is a well-known film producer, also known as the founder and chairman of Diginext Studios and The Shooting Gallery, an independent film distribution company. He has produced many successful films, including Sling Blade, Belly, New Jersey Drive, You Can Count on Me and the just released HoodPranks The Movie (with Fambiz Entertainment). He is a recipient of an Independent Spirit Award You Can Count On me, and an Academy Award win and nomination for Sling Blade and You Can Count On Me, respectively. Both Belly and New jersey Drive’s Soundtracks went Gold. Following a successful career in production, he went on to found NEHST studios, a distribution company that churned out many successful independent films. NEHST combined with another studio to create Red Coral Releasing, which today has an ever-growing network of films, the most recent being Fambiz Production’s HoodPranks, a satire akin to Jackass set in the inner cites of Paterson and Newark, New Jersey as well as The Bronx. He founded Red Coral Music in 2019, a music production company that works with established music studios with the aim to release and market music from up and coming artists as well as creating soundtracks and scores for the films he is producing.. He is a savvy business man and marketer in addition to his accomplishments, and looks forward to the new opportunities that will arise from the merging of these two already flourishing companies.

Chaca “Fambino” Murphy aka The GODFATHER of Hoodpranks is the CEO of FamBiz Entertainment, writer and executive producer of HoodPranks the Movie. Fambino’s strength in film and music have come naturally due to his long term experience in the industry on both sides of the table. Fambino began his career in the music industry as one half of the successful rap duo Babalu Boys signed to A&M/Tuff Break records. Familiar with the struggle of an upcoming artist while understanding the passion and dedication needed to make it to the top, it was an easy move from artist to executive at Warner Bros. Records. Under his tenure at Warner Bros Records, Fam saw the success of the following artists Jaheim, Leelah James, and Sporty Thieves. He is also responsible for the discovery of the popular hip hop/R&B group Total. With strategic collaborations through top production houses like Big Stomach Productions, Pulse Music, IMI Studios as well as a supporting team with Anthony Ciccilini (General Manager), Alec Murphy (Chief Marketing Officer) and Phya Harris (Chief Operating Officer), all artists can rest assured knowing their project is in good hands.

With the unification of these two talents, the newly formed company aims to continue to manage and produce new artists trying to make it in the music industry with the unique resources of both companies. The goal is to do so in the traditional sense of a label, while also factoring in the benefit of the chairmen’s prominent roles in film, TV and music—giving artists a sure-fire opportunity to be featured on soundtracks and projects and create scores, thereby giving them the ability to be marketed and distributed through pre-established channels of entertainment. Artists already represented include Brixx, Malik Johnson’s Big Stomach Productions, Payson, and Staii Winning, among others. Meistrich and Fambino are thrilled to be working in tandem to discover new talent and take the next step towards building a successful company together.



I.g @fambinohoodpranks

I.g @LarryMeistrich


Hoodpranks the movie streaming now on Hoodpranks.com..

Hoodpranks music volume one on all streams..

Robert Nicklas – New Whip

Seasoned songwriter, Robert Nicklas releases new “Vibe Feelin” EP

DENVER, CO – Singer, songwriter and professional musician, Robert Nicklas is proving that hard work and perseverance pay off. He puts a tremendous amount of work into each and every one of his compositions. But not everything he writes makes it to the end of the line. A prolific songwriter, he worked up between 100 and 200 beats to get the right feel for the five songs on his latest project.

The end result of Robert’s persistence can be enjoyed on his new EP, “Vibe Feelin.” Released on April 29th of this year, the R&B tracks have a distinct Hip Hop feel, but with singing instead of rapping. The lead single, “New Whip” was born from a melody which played over and over in Robert’s head. For this track, he worked with as many as ten different beats to get the perfect fit he was after. “New Whip” falls into the mold of a radio friendly vibe he was shooting for, and the “Vibe Feelin” has a bit more of a Pop flavor than some of his previous work.

Last summer, Robert worked with experienced Atlanta-based producer, Terrius Miller, on two singles titled “More & More” and “Club Love.” Miller has worked with the likes of Chris Brown, Outkast and Destiny’s Child, and Robert’s two singles received a tremendous amount of radio play in the Atlanta market.

During the 90s, Robert Nicklas started to get serious about making his own music professionally and he released music in 2003 on the Chicago-based label, Sonic Wave International. He also went to college for piano, so his musical influences range from Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Schumann and Chopin to Herbie Hancock, Coltrane, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Bell Biv Devoe and even Dr. Dre.

As a classically trained piano player, he found it challenging to play without written music at first. In his early 20s, he met a drummer whose father played saxophone with Count Basie. Robert had to forget a lot of his classical training and learned how to play music from this drummer across the room. “You have to throw everything away to be able to play from inside, rather than looking at music,” Robert said.

His taste in music is all over the place, but he mainly enjoys listening to all the new music that is trending. Listening to genres that are pushing music forward keeps Robert’s energy going. He finds that Hip Hop artists are pushing the edge of the envelope for the direction of music now, and he incorporates those elements into his songwriting.

Robert has possessed a gift for music since he was very young. By trying hard and pushing harder, Robert ends up excelling at his craft. That special feeling of joy when a new groove hits is what keeps him going, and he is constantly writing. Just a few days after dropping his new EP, Robert was straight back in the writing mode and coming up with new material to see what tasty tracks he can create next.

To listen to Robert’s music or follow him on social media, please visit:






“New Whip”



“Vibe Feelin”


DJ Young: And The Party Continues In North Carolina

The Coronoavirus took the world by surprise and forced the entire U.S.into isolation. Hip Hop aided the world through entertainment and it all started with the now infamous DJ set of legendary recording artist DJ D-Nice. Playing for a star-studded following that included the likes of Diddy, Michelle Obama, Oprah and many more. After the viral performance, D-Nice set a trend of DJs entertaining their own crowds with hours of great music but no one made a created a bigger buzz after D-Nice than North Carolina party starter, DJ Young.

“I actually gave myself the name of DJ Young. My first option was DJ 803 because my birthday is August 3, but that wasn’t sticking with me, so I went with Dj young/worldwide young.”

Born Keshaun Simms of Wilson, North Carolina. The Power 95.5 DJ is known for his attention-grabbing savvy street-infused-party sound throughout the region with regular residences in Charlotte, Greenville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Greensboro. Throughout the pandemic, Young began performing weekly in-house mixshows and what first drew 32,000 followers quickly became infectious, accumulating over 1,000,000 followers as word-of-mouth quickly spread. Picking up where D-Nice left off, DJ Young’s stylish attitude and catchy blends of hits gravitated millions to his Livestream and created the moniker of “The Hottest Quarantine Party in the World”.

“What makes me stand out is that I’m a very genuine and humble guy, I don’t entertain drama or any negativity that people may try to bring my way in any shape, form or fashion,” DJ Young expresses about popularity. “I stay true to who I am and focus on what I can do to make a difference. That has worked for me throughout my life so far and I’m taking it along with me through my career. My supporters love that I’m this way so I’m definitely not gonna let the fame change me. I’m too solid.”

Mixing today’s hits with classic cuts and commanding attitude. The energy is magnetic from beginning to end as DJ Young captivate, now a worldwide audience, with regional representation blended among radio smashes. DJ Young doesn’t credit his success to solo endeavors but a team effort with his group of friends.

“I have a full team that helps me on a day to day basis. My guys Nigel “PVO” and Takon “Teddy T”. We have known each other for years and share some of the same dreams. They are very hands-on with everything we have going on with Club WorldWide. My managers, Jae Finesse and Tee have helped me so much as well. From bookings, interviews and everything that goes into management. They keep me level headed, they keep my life less chaotic and give me great advice 24/7. It’s a blessing.”

In the limelight, DJ Young has transitioned his popularity into branding as he establishes himself as a correspondent which led to an interview with entrepreneur Freeway Rick Ross and building on the fanfare foundation with merchandising and touring.

“I am currently working on the Club WorldWide Brand and building it so that it can reach its full potential of a full running business selling club worldwide merchandise. I plan after this COVID-19 pandemic is over to go on a tour to different states and cities and meet all of my supporters. I am also currently working on a Club worldwide cruise starting the Summer of 2021 which I want to make happen every year for all of my supporters to have a trip they can go to annually.”

The recent popularity is only just the beginning for DJ Young and his “Worldwide Addicts”. Moving forward, Worldwide Young is engineering longevity within his career. Along with seizing his defining moment in the public eye in 2020, he maps out a five-year plan that includes collaborations with a-listers and big events spread out throughout the U.S. As he explains:

“In 5 years I hope to be very successful at Djing for Big named celebrities, going on tour DJing for a big named artist, having a successful business selling merchandise for my brand, and also producing music, I just want to be doing what I love which is music and making a difference through it.”

For the next party with DJ Young, follow the rising superstar on social media for daily updates and more.

Dr. EnQi “Artificial Intelligence” aka “Alkaline Slide”

The question buzzing from everyone’s lips; Did Drake steal Toosie Slide from an “older” up and coming artist by the name of Dr. EnQi (student of Dr. Sebi).

How the megastar noticed the up and comer is still a mystery! Many are saying Drake is part of Dr. EnQi’s online following anonymously and that’s where he heard the hit single, “Artificial Intelligence” aka the Alkaline Slide. You be the judge…

Shared by Thaddeus Cromwell