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Stank Nitty Unleashes “Farmacy Economy” & Tell-All Interview

BK emcee Stank Nitty drops visuals for his new single “Farmacy Economy” featuring John Jigg$. Before hitting play peep the interview below with Nitty talking about his upcoming album, an unorthodox lifestyle, and more.

MJ: Before we jump into your new single and video, I want people to become more familiar with Stank Nitty…You’re a BK-based emcee, and there’s nothing quite like New York Hip Hop, share how that coincides with your style, flow, and deliverance.

SN: I’m a relative newcomer to the city, moved to Brooklyn in 2015, which I feel raised the bar for me artistically.  New York conditions you to always be striving to beat your last best, and in Hip Hop, the standard of talent and skill has no ceiling, so you must grow wings to survive. I’d say the areas my work reflects the NYC sound may come from being influenced by golden era New York Hip Hop as a kid but living in New York pushed me to refine my sound in ways I never thought possible. I was lucky though I had good local people making space for me to thrive.

MJ: As a seasoned artist you’ve collaborated with some heavy hitters as well as Hip Hop legends. Has that opened further doors for you?

SN: That’s a great feeling to hear! Absolutely in many ways. Mainly I’m just grateful to be living this crazy life surrounded by genius.  It’s wild it feels like no matter what else is going on, it’s cool because I’m truly at the edge of human potential. I’ve always wanted to create with innovators first and foremost and that’s where you’ll see the pattern in my collaborations. I want to hear something no one’s ever thought of before. That sh*t is happening and it’s amazing.

MJ: At what point in your life did you introduce Stank Nitty to the world? When did you decide to pursue your craft as a career?

SN: Ok so for the first question, new name, Stank Nitty comes from “Sanity” which was my name for a long time. People started saying San Nitty, and I added Stank on a song called “SOB’s ft. Petey Mossberg”, off the LP “Murder of Crows” with Deuce Ellis in 2019, I said, “Stank Nitty, burn down gated communities, blast priests in sacristies,” and it stuck. I said that because I always had some strong, putrid-smelling weed. So, it’s like “Frank Nitty” the legendary bootlegger, only it’s a different prohibition altogether.  I first started hitting stages regularly at an open mic at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC in 2002, but for a lot of years, I’d just be making music for fun, always writing. I started calling myself a notebook MC. It wasn’t till around 2011 when my daughter Anahata was born, I decided I was done messing around because I knew this is what I wanted to do. I never turned back.

MJ: Now let’s dive into the video…Give us some inside scoop on “Farmacy Economy” featuring John Jigg$.  Take us from the thought process through fruition.

SN: Ok so back to what I was saying about innovators, I heard “The Madness” (that sht is crazy). I immediately hit up Jigg$ on Facebook. I knew we had to make a record. I hit my brother Yaw Boso from Switzerland who I’d met when I was rocking shows in Cusco, Peru back in 2012, and he, as usual, had something nasty, so I sent it through and once we had a track it was like fck it, I haven’t been to ATL in a while.  My Bro J Ronin linked me with Shabaam Sadheeq for the video and he had dope ideas right off the bat.  He’s a great director.  He has a great eye for the big picture in a video. He hooked up the filming spot via DeAndre Perryman at Sounz Gud Entertainment/A1 Records and we worked fast.  Nam Nitty came through with a cameo that was dope, and the fam Vooda was building through the whole process…As you can see I was rocking one of his classic beanies…I shot the cover art at home, it was fun to give my weed a professional glamour shoot (I may do that again just for fun).

MJ: What’s in the works for Stank Nitty, what can fans look forward to and keep eyes and ears out for?

SN: As of the day I’m writing this, I dropped the video for ELON, video 1 in a trilogy of videos off my 7 song EP “Ketamine Cowboy” produced by Contra-Bass out of my forever stomping grounds Chapel Hill, NC.  The album is a crazy-ass psychedelic journey through my paranoid overworked mind. It’s an instant classic.

MJ: As a well-respected artist in the industry nationally and internationally, what keeps you balanced, humbled, and inspired?

SN: Word? Thank you. Hmmm…Balanced is relative because my life is extra crazy.  Still hustling, still in court trying to see my kid more, still turning up, etc.  My lady helps me stay balanced, got me back into meditation, exercise, etc. Been fighting some F’s the past couple of years, nothing keeps you more humble like cases lol, but I used to live on the road running around the country doing some of the craziest sh*t imaginable, so I just try to remember how amazing it is that I’m alive and I have a chance every day to make an impact.  My inspiration once again just comes from my crazy life and all the beautiful things that come out of it, it’s all good even when it’s not, but right now, things are GOOD good!

MJ:  Take a moment to share anything else about Stank Nitty that fans
might not know…

SN: ‘Ketamine Cowboy’ drops the first of September and both “Elon” and “Farmacy Economy” are out now…Bring me weed at shows, please and thank you.

Watch the official video directed by Shabaam Sahdeeq with production by Yaw Boso. The funky 70’s melodies along with head-nodding bass exude a chill, yet tippy vibe. Take heed, as contact high is more than likely. Don’t get too hypnotized as taking notes on Nitty’s Ganjabotony is a necessity.

Stream “Farmacy Economy” here and connect with Stank Nitty below.


Instagram: @stank_nitty

Twitter: @nittystank



Ms. Kash Returns With Real Spit & Chill Vibes In “2FACED” Visuals

The one and only Oakland raptress Ms. Kash has returned with an eye opening, loyalty questioning anthem for the real. On the heels of her “Bag Me Up” release, the multifaceted emerging artist is making her mark with her latest hip-hop offering, “2FACED”.

“This track came from real life experiences,” stated Kash in a recent interview with Hip Hop Weekly magazine. “The ones I thought would be happy I overcame so many obstacles in life became the main people who didn’t want me doing better than them or expect handouts even when they speak badly about me,” she continued. “2FACED” is pure relatable content delivered by one of the West Coast realists.

Check out the official video for 2FACED below.

YouTube Video Link:


Bei The Artist Releases Video for “Pussyholic”

Bei The Artist has released the music video for her first official single, “Pussyholic.”

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Bei The Artist is an upcoming rapper breaking into the industry.

She started making music in the third grade after watching her step-father manage a few local artists. After being found by 3x Grammy nominated producer BennyWond3r she has had her foot on the gas making music. BennyWond3r and his partner Playmakker have been managing and producing her new project to introduce Bei The Artist to the industry.

Bei’s new single “Pussyholic, ” produced by BennyWond3r and Playmakker, is the first single off of her first project. The video is out now and was shot by CB Visuals. “Pussyholic” is now available on all streaming platforms.






Jada Ali Is On Fire Right Now, Check Out “Step Different” Ft. HoodNoRat @IamJadaAli

Flint, Michigan’s own Jada Ali and HoodNoRat link up once again for their energetic collaborative single “Step Different” directed by Cryptic Filth. Produced by Enrgybeats, the track serves as a certified summer banger while Jada continues to keep her momentum going strong.

Check out the video for “Step Different” and stream Jada Ali’s latest album, Long Time No Speak, via her label Round Table Association.

Stream the official audio of “Step Different” on:
Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music

Social Media for Jada Ali:

Social Media for Round Table Association

Official Video-

Long Time No Speak is available on all digital platforms


Watch: Veto Gatts Releases “Baba” Visual

Brooklyn has been making some noise on the music scene for the past few years and the momentum has not slowed down one bit. With that said, newcomer Veto Gatts looks to make his presence felt on his debut visual for Baba. The Brooklyn native, specifically the Montgomery Utica Avenue area, flexes on his haters on the high-energy track.


Lexy Panterra – “Booty On Her” Ft. Trina

Today recording artist Lexy Panterra drops “Booty On Her” featuring legendary Florida rapper Trina. Most know Lexy Panterra as a larger-than-life online personality with a loyal fan base of over 9 million followers reaching an impressive 500 million views and 1 billion impressions across platforms, but her music is taking off with a rabid following of supporters and fans.

As an international singer, songwriter, actress and dancer Lexy Panterra collaborated with powerhouses DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Marshmello, Louis Bell, Lil Yachty, Shaun Frank and Prologic to name a few. But now is her time to shine after her singles “Where Do You Go” and “More Than You” both charted on Billboard’s Top 100.


Rolling with the momentum of her supporters, Lexy Panterra‘s “Booty On Her” ft Trina is a certified “Summer baddie anthem” according to Lexy. Featuring an infectious chorus, a catchy drum beat, and hard-hitting verses by Lexy Panterra, aka “Virgin Lex” and the original baddie herself, Trina, the “Diamond Princess,” this song is the perfect mid-Summer release for parties, clubs and kickbacks.


“I got this fire ass record and I was like, this is definitely a song I want to do because of the whole workout booty record thing. Like I am the queen of the booty shaking music so I was like I’m just going to make a record, that is not someone else’s music and that way I get to promote my own music and do my own dance to my own song.  So Booty on Me was born and then I was like, damn I need a feature,” Lexy Panterra explained. 

The song was produced by Matt Nadler and Dutra of Murda Beatz and will be accompanied with an official video set for release August 27. The visual, which was filmed in Miami and brings an energy unmatched by most videos on the market, shows Lexy Panterra and Trina being Summer Baddies with a beautiful Miami backdrop. 

“I hit up my booking agent Dolla and he knew Trina. He was like, she would be really dope on that record. So that’s when we did the collaboration. I went to Miami, shot the music video, met her and all that and it was great, became really cool and I’m going to see her again in Miami this month, which I am excited about to promote the record a bit. I came up with the idea for a music video and we just got it done and then Maxim came around and I was like, I want her on the cover because I want to push this record so I want to make sure that she is on the cover with me.”

In addition to “Booty on Me” ft. Trina, on (July 23rd)  she will perform at Summer Unlocked festival in LA, which will serve as the kick off to a string of performances that will carry her through the remainder of the year, including a tour with the rap legend Trina herself in October.


The single comes to us off of her long-awaited album which is set to release at the year’s end titled Money, Sex And Love Songs.


The album will display Lexy’s versatility as a true musician, including a mix of hits from “Virgin Lex,” Lexy Panterra’s fun and care-free alter ego, who is responsible for the more upbeat, fun, Hip-Hop songs, as well as ballads from Lexy Panterra herself. Displaying her chops as a singer in acoustic form, a side not enough people know about her yet, Lexy Panterra is eager for fans to hear more of her music. 


In addition to music, Lexy Panterra has immersed herself in the world of podcasting with her podcast called, Baddie Vibes. 


“We talk about everything from relationship to business moves. I mean, just gossip, everything you know. We just conversate and if you are interested in my brand, you know, that is something to look into and as to what makes a baddie and a hot girl and a boss and all that, all those good things. I think and talk about a lot of relationship topics because I write a lot of music about my like relationships, it is usually based on that. And you will find some juicy stuff I come out with, I think I have interesting topics on relationships” Lexy Panterra said. 



Nickoe – “Crack Babies”

Today Mississippi artist Nickoe delivers his new poignant single, “Crack Babies.” The new single has been resonating with his fans across the South as the visual showcases Nickoe’s cool demeanor and laid back flow while also showing the trials and tribulations of hustling. 
Singing and rapping at the same time, Nickoe is pictured posted up with his hood, on the porch, in back alleys and he even showcases his acting talents in a few scenes. 
“The single that I’m running with now is called Crack Babies, I dropped a video probably a month ago, it’s doing pretty good on YouTube with the views. It’s a single that’s just expressing coming up in the neighborhood where I’m from. If you listen to the song, you would probably get a better understanding of what I’m saying.  It’s the reality of stuff going on in Mississippi,” Nickoe said. “Most of the time the music is just how I’m feeling, so I guess I make music for myself but I know there are certain types of songs that fans want to hear. It’s just different styles of songs. I might make something for the clubs, or more for just riding, it just depends on what selection of the beat I have at the time. If it makes me feel some kind of way, or I get some ideas from some beats I just try to come up with something I know people will like.
Representing West Jackson specifically, Nickoe was originally a football prodigy at Mississippi State taking the field with a countless number of players that made it to the league including Dallas Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott. But ever since an ACL injury changed Nickoe’s trajectory, he’s been all in on music, focusing on feeding his soul with music that resonates with his peers and fans and that draws on his influences from artists in the 90s and early 2000s like the Hot Boys, Master P,  UGK and Three 6 Mafia.
“I got a pretty loyal fan base around here, I really don’t know how far it spreads, but it’s spreading now, it’s working itself. But I’m always interacting with them, they’re pretty supportive,” Nickoe explained. “We’re getting picked up on a lot of shows lately because we just started back putting out a lot of music, and putting it back in everybody face so yeah we’re getting booked a lot, and a lot of features; a lot of appearances and stuff.” 
Focusing on reality music, Nickoe has an uncanny ability to tap into what he knows the fans will love. Rapping about what’s going on in his city, Nickoe paints a picture with his lyrics that his fans in Jackson and well beyond can relate to personally. 

“The reality of the music is what the fans like.  I guess I rap about what’s really going on in life, what’s going on in my life and around me, what’s going around in the city and where I’m from, you know, it’s just the reality,” Nickoe explained. “It’s probably like every other neighborhood with poverty and every other hood, it’s just the same; crime, you got to stay out of the way. The good and bad came with it,  just neighborhood stuff.” 



Video: Veto Gatts – Baba

Brooklyn has been making some noise on the music scene for the past few years and the momentum has not slowed down one bit. With that said, newcomer Veto Gatts looks to make his presence felt on his debut visual for Baba. The Brooklyn native, specifically the Montgomery Utica Avenue area, flexes on his haters on the high-energy track.


Heartbreak Redd releases his new visual ‘Medulla’ feat Flanka | @Heartbreak_Redd

Heartbreak Redd is a versatile up coming artist based out of Miami, Florida. Redd is originally from Trinidad and you can feel the influence of their culture through his accent, lingo, and world play. Today, Heartbreak Redd released a new banger entitled ‘Medulla’ featuring Flanka. This track is definitely something you should pay attention to especially if you’re looking for something different and dope. ‘Medulla’ is available on all digital streaming platforms. This record is accompanied by an eye catching visual available on VEVO and airing soon on national

Watch on YouTube:

Stay Connected
Twitter @Heartbreak_Redd
Instagram @HeartbreakRedd


New Video: Chino Nino Brown – “Big Dawg” | @ChinoNinoBrown

South Carolina rapper Chino Nino Brown releases a music video for his new single Big Dawg.” Directed by Visionary Art Group. Watch below via YouTube.