Off The Dome – Wrote Myself A Check (Jim Carrey Story)

The Song “WROTE MYSELF A CHECK” from Off The Dome was INSPIRED by actor Jim Carrey. He wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars before he went to become the superstar he is. We believe that he spoke his success into fruition, all by believing in himself.

That is the message we strive to send out to the world. Everyone has their moment. What better moment to have then to see yourself accomplish a personal goal you have. It all starts with speaking it into existence!!

Go do yourself a favor and WRITE YOURSELF A CHECK!! You will thank yourself when you accomplish your goal. Use the download link to download/print your own check! Go to and print your check now!

Soulrac x Big Bob – Caught U Slippin Ft. Amen Baba & LDontheCut

Inlighten Music Group and Soulrac announce the release of “Caught U Slippin.” The single, produced by Big Bob featuring Amen Baba with cuts/scratches by LDontheCut is taken from Soulrac’s forthcoming album titled ‘Soulploitation’.

Soulrac, held in high regard by such legends as Craig G and Masta Ace for keeping authentic Hip Hop and boom bap on the map, delivers yet another classic. “Caught U Slippin” embodies the consequences of deceit in relationships all while providing wisdom on self-empowerment and what’s needed to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

Stream “Caught U Slippin” and connect with Soulrac below.

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PVRTH – “When I’m Down”

Adorning a cryptic mask with a somber demeanor East Coast artist PVRTH delivers the new visual to his hair-raising song, “When I’m Down.”

Filming the visual in New York City, this rising rap artist thinks outside the box with his horror friendly vibes as he lurks around the New York City subways rapping over a lively trapped out beat, produced by frequent collaborator Dark Rose.

Included with the visual release of “When I’m Down,” PVRTH gave fans an opportunity to win one of his masks. The winner of the contest would also get a $25 Amazon gift card for participating and joining in on the epic release.

The single marks a new chapter in the history of the artist PVRTH, with new, professional music videos and a better distribution service.

Shu Religion is coming for everything he is owed with “Takeover” @shumoneyblue

2021 is the type of year where you don’t wait for someone to give it to you, its the year where you go and take it for yourself. Anything is possible when the bet is on yourself to win.

Shu Religion embodies that concept with ease and what better to describe this concept with a single called “Takeover”. Savannah Georgia’s own is on a mission to let every and anyone know he can rock with the best of them. Lyrically how he interchanges flows has you wondering what bar is coming next and how will he deliver it.

Takeover puts you in a certain mindset to go hard and never look back. Get in tune with Shu Religion because he is focused.

Stream “Takeover” by Shu Religion now on digital platforms

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E Bleu ft. Derez De’Shon – “3AM” (Remix)

Rising Houston act E Bleu refuels his new hit, “3AM,” with a remix version, featuring chart-topping recording artist, Derez De’Shon. Produced by DeVan “D1″ Hooker, the song is a cruise through the city nights with your ride or die on the shotgun side. De’Shon addition to the single merely amplifies E Bleu undeniable star power.

The chemistry between Bleu and De’Shon is electric. On the collaboration, E Bleu says, “I’m big on things happening organically. It started with Derez genuinely liking the song and showing me love just off that. I stopped in ATL for a promo tour a few weeks back and the rest is history. We left the studio at like 8am lol. Bro is one of the most solid people in this music thing.”

“3AM” is a preview of an expected project, coming sometime-2021. In the meantime, for more on E Bleu, follow the rising star on social media. Derez De’Shon appears, courtesy of 10K Projects. Stream the new remix by E Bleu and Derez De’Shon below.

“GIONNI “Paper Boy” CASSANOVA Talks Fat Joe, The Game & New Single “Auto Rocket”

As lead artist on Pittsburgh based label N.O.E Entertainment, GIONNI “Paper Boy” CASSANOVA has broke into the hip hop business at the top floor. In 2020, GIONNI released his single “Bueno” featuring Hip Hop icon Fat Joe. The Tampa based rapper was also co-signed by “The Game” in the Fall of 2020.

“The dm’s almost made me drop my phone says “Paper Boy” They are music legends. In my opinion, their influence stretches beyond Hip Hop Culture. I felt that my preparation and work is starting to reveal itself. Their co-signs solidified to me what I’m capable of, and what I’m about to bring to the table. ”GIONNI CASSANOVA

GIONNI single “Bueno” and “Auto Rocket” are available on all digital platforms with a combined 257,000 streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Omen44 – “Hentai” DJ Minoyama Mix ft. DJ Shark (Video)


With the immense amount of success, both nationally and internationally from Omen44’s ‘Hentai’ album, it only makes sense to keep fans at bay with a free downloadable ‘Hentai’ DJ Minoyama Mix. The mix available on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Audiomack includes an exclusive track by DJ Shark with Omen44 on drums and bass.

The video for the 35-minute album mix embodies the vision Omen44 created for each track and is impeccably highlighted with authentic Hip Hop cadences mixed with polished cuts and scratches, and gritty, yet soulful tones.  ‘Hentai’ DJ Minoyama Mix is sure to have Hip Hop enthusiasts repetitively pressing play.

Watch the video and download ‘Hentai’ DJ Minoyama Mix below on preferred platforms and connect with Omen44 below.




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Dj Minoyama

Based in Yokohama, DJ Minoyama can be heard throughout Tokyo playing music ranging from Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco, and Reggae. While in the states, you can catch him at prestigious spots like Knitting Factory in BK. He’s opened up for Camp Lo and other legendary artists.




DJ Shark

Acclaimed for winning numerous DJ competitions in Japan, DJ Shark is never without his own Technics mixer SH-DJ 1200. He’s worked alongside such legends as Grand Master Mell Mel, Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Spinna, Large Professor, Jeru the Damaja, and that’s only naming a few.

[New Visual] Plug Paid Reek Feat Plug Paid Dooley- Finna Be Famous

Born And Raised In Atlanta,Ga (Primarily The Eastside; Glenwood Rd and Line St.) PlugPaidReek Got His Start In The RapGame As Simple As Anyone Else, Growing Up In Troubling Conditions And Looking for Any And Every Way Out, He Found His Craft . Now More Than Ever He’s Recently Garnished A Buzz In The Local RapScene But Coming Back to Back With New Music, Videos, Albums, and Merch Shows Us His Potential As A Household Name In The Music Industry

OGKV – “Down”


Today ATL rap veteran OG KV, CEO of Big Play Entertainment, delivers new music for the streets in the form of a new single “Down” that will be featured on his accompanying project OG Music. The song “Down” tackles the issues of police brutality and all that goes into the police using their badge to do anything and everything but protect and serve the people.

Famed for discovering “Racks on Racks” hitmaker YC and developing underground Atlanta legend Young Dose, this industry OG has been around since the mid 90’s but has always remained true to the music, despite what may have happened throughout the process of getting artists signed and managing their musical careers.

“Being a CEO, and being with the rappers, I really had developed the passion to do music too, but I really wasn’t focused on my music because I was trying to get my artists out there. Soa started doing that, being in the studio where I started doing music and setting myself up to become an artist also,” OG KV said.

While many rap fans are in the early years of their lives OG KV noted that some of Hip-Hop’s first and earliest fans are now in their 50’s an 60’s looking for something to listen to because they can’t relate to the new trapped out and auto-tuned generation of music.

“Everybody that’s 50 grew up they are hip hop babies, so it’s people that’s older that still love hip hop, but they can’t relate to the new young artists, so they’re like, ‘Put out your music.’ When I look at it and think about it from an artist standpoint, say like Aretha Franklin, James Brown was alive, they would still be doing music no matter how old they were. So even though I’m older now I’m still going to do my music because I still always had a passion for it,” OG KV said. “So being older, I’m using the OG brand, the music that’s more like talking to the youngsters, just spitting game. Talking about the streets, the reality of being in the streets and what comes with it; both sides of it, not just the good. Because many people just nowadays they just talk about the balling part, balling and stunting, and as we both it’s not all balling and stunting. Everybody is not balling and stunting. It’s more people going through the struggle, and that’s what my music is geared to. From my past and what I went through being incarcerated, just going through my trials and tribulations, and so a lot of people feel that.”

Thriving with an OG sound that pays homage to the legendary greats of Southern rap music OG KV brings everything full circle with this project.

“If it catches fire, hey, let’s do it, let’s go. You know, like I said, it wasn’t really about the money at this age because I done have everything. I had all the cars, beautiful women, the houses, travel, I’m seasoned, so it is not about getting the money and getting rich. Of course, I would love for that to happen, but I just want to see what it’s going to do, see what it’s going to do, see what kind of impact I can make. Because like the cloth I’m cut from, like the UGK, MJG, the Scarface, the stuff I grew up on listening to.”