Angel Bedrock’s New Single “Finer Things”

Bronx native Angel Bedrock releases his new hit single “Finer Things” off his new EP entitled ‘Timing’.

The 22-year old artist delivers the perfect, exotic blend of vocals and rap to define the finer things in life. Sounds of pulsating piano keys and a vibrant kaleidoscope of drums and bass, heighten Bedrock’s emotion and wordplay. He won’t settle for anything less and that includes his women. Stream “Finer Things” and connect with Angel Bedrock on Instagram @bedrockdabrand.

Boogie Down’s Danielle Black Drops New “Rolli” Video

Boogie Down’s Danielle Black releases visuals for the second single “Rolli” off her latest, chart topping EP “Solid Gold.”  The multifaceted singer, rapper, songwriter, and actress links with K. Smyllz and Santos to deliver a unique ‘seize the bag’ hypnotic track.

The video mimics an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme with Black portrayed as the Red Queen. Her next level lyrics define her untouchable stance as she reigns on top in a league of her own.  When it comes to the level up and industry buzz, Black is dominating which is confirmed through Smyllz’s cunning verse.

Santos mixes a slightly haunting tone over thumbing bass and electric pulsations, which heightens the rawness and stature of the ‘Red Queen’. Watch “Rolli” above.

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Grand Groove Unlimited Records Releases New Album “Grand Groove Unleashed” @DTEasyTee

Grand Groove Unlimited Records announces the release of their latest project titled “Grand Groove Unleashed”. The album, which hosts a variety of skilled first-rate Artists including Boogie Black, Veteran Jeff Redd, B Smooth, Victor Daze, Petawane, John Jigg$, Spark Ezy, Relly Waterz, and Addictt is available now on all digital streaming platforms.

The album is a timeless and innovative collective that fans of all genres can revel in.  Listening to the album will transcend listeners onto a journey beginning with the euphoric sounds of the 70’s, composed jazz and funk mixtures, classic Hip Hop and R&B, and culminating through today’s modern animated sounds and beats.

“Get’ Em”, the paramount single off the album by Boogie Black and Jeff Redd, defines how electrifying music can be.  This single will metamorphose anything into a dance floor and all bodies into move and groove mode.  Boogie Black delivers another cut a rug record, “New York Party Sounds Like This” featuring Ron Browz.  This one is an ode to New York, the mecca capitol of the world. Boogie mentions the essential landmarks, deep rooted boroughs, and of course the gratifying rooftops. Both records are amplified by pulsations of Boogie Nights meets Fast and Furious.

Relly Waterz and Addictt contribute records for the newer generation; music to bounce to while sipping Cîroc at the club. “Oragami” and “Saucy” are fun tracks that relish in their come up, “from chicken to sushi”.  B. Smooth and Boogie Black also offer a turn up record titled “We Came to Get Down”, with more of a robotic and futuristic sound over a rhyming flow.  “Talk My Shit” by Spark Ezy takes the cake with an incredible mix of Clash of the Titans and club beats over Ezy going in on falsified rappers.

John Jigg$ is known for his mic drop punchlines and “Nights Like This” is no exception. Bar for bar he highlights a young Jigg$ who visions his name in bright lights, to current time of burning stage bulbs worldwide.

B Smooth, Victor Daze, and Peterwane take listeners back to that feel good, soul grabbing R&B.  “Game Over”, Waste of My Time”, “Cheated”, “I Apologize”, and “You’re the One” are genuine records about love and heartbreak.  Smooth, Daze, and Peterwane haven’t lost sight of granting listeners a taste of their smooth and passionate sides.

The album concludes with a party mix of “Get’Em”, which embodies every decade of the finest music.

Stream “Grand Groove Unleashed” below.

About Grand Groove Unlimited Records

Grand Groove is a record label which focuses on what is significant ; investing in music as well as the the talented artists that create it. The label believes in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where artists can thrive and reach their maximum potential  in a stress free atmosphere.

#NewMusic MrE – Curves @Darkness_cometh

Anyone who enjoys “Baby Got Back” by Sir-Mix-A-Lot should appreciate “Curves” from MrE. You’ll immediately notice the influence as soon as the song starts. It’s a song for only the grown and sexy who aren’t ashamed of their freakiness.

MrE, who also goes by the alias, the Dark 1, is a Nigerian-American music artist born in Bronx, N.Y. MrE started writing songs at the age of 14, crediting DMX’s debut album, “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot”, for both his influence and courage to finally attempt song writing. In 2001, MrE started performing at local talent shows, showcases and open mics all at his college, local clubs and venues such as Karma Lounge, Sullivan Hall and the Apollo. In 2009, MrE recorded then released a couple mix tracks, further building his internet presence.

In 2015, he produced and released the “Prodigal Son Returns” EP. In 2017, he released the “Keep On” EP, (featured in the short film, “Our Brothers”, produced by Ariella Media and winner of Award of Merit for Best Shorts Competition of 2018 by the Seattle Jewish Film Festival) followed shortly by “Uncle Tom N Jury”, “Fairy Tale”, and this year’s “Curves”, all of which he produced with Ethan Rose, Kati O’ Toole and Robb Hutzal of Studio Pros, Inc.

Besides DMX, MrE has also been influenced by a massive list of artists from numerous genres such as Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, the Lost Boyz, Slick Rick, Heavy D, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, The L.O.X., Redman, Snoop Dogg, Kriss Kross, Onyx, Da Youngsta’s, N.W.A., Digital Underground, Wu Tang Clan, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Das EFX, the Pharcyde, Cyprus Hill, Arrested Development, MC Lyte, Salt N Pepa, Queen Latifah, Eve, Remy Ma, Da Brat, Left Eye, Monie Love, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, P.O.D., Collective Soul, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Alan Sylvestri, Ramin Djawadi and many more. MrE has also appeared in several TV Shows such as NBC’s Mercy, USA’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent and CBS’s Blue Bloods.

#NewVideo Bahama Foyo Momma – Lil Twist

Bronx breed spitter Bahama Foyo Momma teams with Bow Mugs for the official video behind “Lil Twist”. Produced by Jamz, the single can be found on Bahama’s recently released mixtape, “Yo Momma’s Tape”. View the full video below.

#NewVideo Poppy Colone – Culo Grande @POPPY_COLON1

Poppy Colone is an up and coming Latin Pop artist from the Bronx area of New York. He has worked with platinum producers such as Scott Storch, Polo Da Don and Dre Did It just to name a few. With the aid of director David Duran, the rising singer pays tribute to the female derriere with his new visual, “Culo Grande”. View the eye opening visual here.

New Music: @JayomegaSO – “Shameless” (Ft. & Prod. By @SyerSO)

Street Officials representative Jayomega’s newest single “Shameless” featuring and produced by fellow Bronx, New York native and Street Official member Syer puts their penchant for rhyming on display. The track precedes his forthcoming EP of the same name, which is expected to arrive later on this year.

Listen to “Shameless” above.

Sos Bishop Freestyles Over “Recognize” by DJ Premier & The Lox @SosBishop

Bronx native and Hip Hop artist Sos Bishop freestyles over “Recognize” instrumental by DJ Premier and The Lox.   Bishop elicits raw and uncut bars with concrete substance that can’t be ignored by the industry! Tune in to this freestyle and “recognize” Bishop’s perfected flow and sound deliverance, synchronized to this notorious beat…

“I got the game on lock soon as I touchdown…” -Sos Bishop




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Bronx Native Alonzo Fury Releases His Self-Produced Debut Album “The Art of Survival” @AlonzoFuryOff

“I got kicked out in the cold but still weathered the storm…” -Alonzo Fury

Alonzo Fury, Hip Hop artist from the Bronx, is durably climbing out of the underground into prime light gaining dominance from his self-produced debut album “The Art of Survival”.

It is refreshing to listen to an album that whole heartily delivers lyricism and storytelling in it’s true form from beginning to end.  From intro to outro, without skipping one track, Alonzo Fury delivers a timeless and classic album that will exceed longevity in the music industry!

“This pain enhances my penmanship…” -Alonzo Fury 

It is evident with tracks titled “Pains of My Past”, “That’s The Way Life Goes”, and “Stay Strong” that this is an album of motivational inspiration, coming up, being real, respecting empty pockets, striving to be better, and change!  This is an album about a man who became “tired of being tired” and selflessly stared into the mirror to devise a blueprint of change; “to correct what was staring back at him”.  Alonzo Fury has succeeded!






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New York’s Hip Hop VIP and heavyweight, Ricky Bats, releases his exclusive “Statue of Limitations” produced by Da Inphamus Amadeuz.  Bats holds no bars when it comes to his raw, honest, and explicit lyrics.  He exudes time-honored New York Hip Hop in it’s pure form.  Bats is clever with his autobiographical deliverance narrating his rules of life, prison exerts, and his stamped signature in the industry!