New Music: LXST – “King of Vibes” (EP Stream) | @iimlxst_

Today, Lxst releases his new EP, King of Vibes, via PIVTL Projects inspired by the moods and emotions that his pensive songs bring to his growing audience. Featuring his work with heavyweight producers such as Tay Keith, Cxdy, Jordan Knows, Ryan Bevolo, and Zaire Beats, Jai Beats, the eight-track release isn’t an introduction into who he is, but more so a declaration of being one of the industry’s most talented mood-makers. Each song is another step forward into the world Lxst looks to create with his signature smooth vocals over complementary, often guitar-laced, beats.

The follow up to his ten-track January release Lost, starts with the soft and stirring “On My Way” as he explains his relationship with a woman. He continues to turn the lens inward on tracks like “Worked Hard”, “Pergatory” and the previously released “Myself” offering a further glimpse into the emotive space he creates from. Also shouting out the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, Lxst makes it a mission to follow each track with something bigger than the last. By the end, this avalanche of feels comes crashing down on you.

KOV is an immersive listen that positions him as a rising star in the hip-hop world. With his inventive approach to being personal, Lxst transfixes his listeners and prepares them to become indoctrinated into his society where he is the King of Vibes.

New Video: Lxst – “Myself” | @iimlxst_

If Lxst’s introspective new single “Myself” is any indication, rap’s newest star is just getting started. The music video for “Myself,” dropping today via PIVTL Projects, utilizes Lxst’s unique aesthetic to explore issues of trust, self-medication, and materialism.

Immediately setting a scene deep in the forest, Lxst’s music video alludes to the darkness that so often comes with the pursuit of success: engulfed in plumes of grey smoke, Lxst’s eerie surroundings signify the inevitable solitude of paving one’s own way.

“Myself” was created without the pressure of others’ expectations. In a highly intentional shift from the forest to his living room, Lxst uses clever visuals throughout the video to hint at the constraints of the music industry; and in standing alone from start to finish, Lxst poignantly reminds viewers that there’s only room for one at the top.

New Music: Lxst – “Myself” | @iimlxst

Emo-trap’s newest breakout artist Lxst, releases his latest single “Myself” via PIVTL Projects. The reflective track is the culmination of Lxst’s unwavering confidence meeting his pursuit of self-reliance. While providing signature vocals over the booming alternative hip-hop beat, the Arizona-based MC touches heavy topics such as trust issues, self-medicating, and the yearning to acquire material items before reaching the conclusion that he’ll get what he wants in life by taking action… not waiting for handouts.

In Lxst’s own words: “I think I hit a point in my life after all of the struggles I went through, where I knew it was up to me to create my own destiny.  I heard so much talk around me but none of the talks was taking me anywhere.  I needed to start taking my music career seriously which required more action and less talk. I did that.  And now I’m proud to be where I am.”

“Myself” follows Lxst’s breakout single “Exhausted,” which has gained momentum since it’s July 2019 release. It’s racked up over 7 million worldwide streams while finding its way on to some of Spotify’s top playlists like  In My Feelings and It’s Lit. The artist has seen a healthy 140% increase in his monthly listeners since January, putting him in a prime position for breakout success this year.

This summer, Lxst is due to release a currently untitled project, via PIVTL Projects, an EP which includes “Myself” as well as a track called “Worked Hard” featuring the work of Grammy-nominated producer, Tay Keith (Drake, Travis Scott). The video for “Myself” is also on the release slate set for June 2nd, 2020.