Mercy Gang Emancipates Hip Hop With Their Latest Album “M.E.R.C.Y.” (Murdering Every Rapper Coming at You) @MercyGang1

MJ here your favorite Hip Hop blogger!  Tonight it is more than a pleasure, it is an honor to interview Pennsylvania’s and East Coast’s own Mercy Gang!  Mercy Gang embodies the definition, lifestyle, and culture of Hip Hop.  Album after album the group conveys unity, brotherhood, and Hip Hop in it’s true form.

Their latest album “M.E.R.C.Y.” is an imperishable work of art created with blended talent and a mastery of lyricism, beats, and straight bars! This album is in tribute to the group’s fallen soldier Hefty Metal…

MJ: Let me begin by thanking you for taking the time to chop it up with MJ. Its an honor, you’re an amazing journalist, and poet.  Let’s jump right in and talk about the new album M.E.R.C.Y.  You have some of my favorite emcees on the album as features such as Chris Rivers and Ren Thomas.  Give everyone the who, what, where, when, why, and how of M.E.R.C.Y.  What does the acronym stand for?  Talk about the production. Talk about the cover art. Talk about the meaning behind it.  How was it creating music and an album without the core member Hefty (RIP)?

MG: The acronym M.E.R.C.Y. stands for Murder Every Rapper Coming at You. It was an honor to work with some of the nicest lyricists in the game.  Ren Thomas is like family, we have done plenty of shows with him and our brothers over at Sensi Starr so it was bound to happen. Our fellow Bax War brother Pryme Prolifik did the production on that record. As for Chris Rivers we chopped it up on the phone with him, sent him the track and he murdered it. We also have U.G from the legendary Cella Dwellas. He has been like a big brother and mentor to us since we went on tour with him, and Adlib in 2013. We wanted to work with some producers we didn’t get a chance to work with on our first album, but still keep that in your face sound that our fans were used to. We had some of the usual suspects like JL Studios, Level 13, U.G, Chris Fields, Nysom, and a couple of new producers like Holla da Schollar, Will Sully, and Pryme Prolifik. The artwork was done by the Soloist. We wanted to let Hefty know how much we miss him and that we know he is watching over us. This was a long and emotional 2 years; a lot of tears were shed working on this album without him. He was very creative and had such a powerful voice that was a big part of our sound. We appreciate the amazing poem you wrote for Hefty on this album; it really meant the world to us and his family.

MJ:  What do you want fans to embrace most from this album? Tell us what three words would Hefty use to describe the album.

MG: We want the fans to truly appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears we put into this album. The three words Hefty would use would be amazing, compelling, and honored.

MJ:  Will there be a M.E.R.C.Y sophomore album or trilogy?

MG: Yes, we’re constantly working on new material. Maine has a project with suspect from Marmel coming soon, and DJ Merc is working on a mixtape.

MJ:  I have to share that Mercy Gang is in my top 5 of favorite Indie Hip Hop groups for many reasons!  To begin each of you share the same core belief that Mercy Gang is a reflection of a family and true brotherhood.  To further, the group has an incredible know-how and skill to combine individual unique talents into fused perfection!  So often you hear of groups that break up or call it quits after a few hits or an album.  2017 Mercy Gang is still thriving.  Share the secret of a successful group. Also what would you say are some challenges?

MG: Thanks MJ! That’s means a lot coming from you, being the Hip Hop head you are.  We trust each other’s creativity and respect each other’s point of view as it comes to beats, rhymes, and life. We argue and bump heads like most groups do, but the love and respect that we have for each other and for our Mercy Gang Brand is stronger than our pride or any egos.

MJ:  Listening to M.E.R.C.Y talk about how the group has progressed musically from previous albums.  How would you like to further progress as a group?

MG: Just continuing to make the music from our hearts, and daring to be different. We’re not afraid to take risks, always giving our all on every song, verse, or hook. We don’t sit around trying to make a hit. We just let the music bring the best out of us organically.

MJ: Mercy Gang has shared the studio and stages with several major artists!  Talk about a memorable time in your career that still stands out to you.  Also, who would you like to add to that list of collaborations?

MG: We have had a few but the performances that stick out the most were the Staten Island shows where Method Man came on stage and started rocking to our song. We have also had the honor of rocking the stage with both Sean Price and Prodigy who sadly are no longer with us. May they both rest in peace. Our bucket list of artists we would love to work with, for Maine would be Redman and Nas. Paulie would like to collaborate with Eminem and Tech N9ne. We would also love to work with Philly’s own the 30 and Over League.

MJ:  As we move into the new year give us some inside scoop on upcoming shows or other projects you will be working on.

MG: We’re working on some dates for a couple of mini tours in Canada with Marmel and with universal entities from MA, VA, and NC.  We are working on another Mercy Gang album. Maine and Suspect are working on a project titled “Cross Boarder Connections Vol 2”.  DJ Merc has a mixtape coming out, and we have a couple of surprises under our sleeve as well, so stayed tuned!

MJ:  Let’s talk about support!  I find it amazing how incredibly supportive and encouraging you are to other artists.  I remember one show, our first time meeting in person, you arrived early, supported every single performance and performer, and even stayed afterwards to network.  Why is that so important to you?  How does that help you as artists?

MG: Well first and foremost I’m a fan of the culture so I love to see other dope artists, and we are always down to do build for collaborations. Networking is extremely important when you’re an artist, dj, promoter, manager, or even just a fan. So many doors can open up through networking. We’ve met some great people who share the same love and passion as we do.

MJ:  I get called an ol’ head quite frequently because I debate and critique music that so many are quick to categorize or label as Hip Hop.   When I think of Hip Hop I think lyrics, boom bap, knowledge, delivering a message, instruments, poetry, art, etc. I think of a 4-minute track with a hook.  I think of catchy intro’s and outro’s.  I think of longevity; I can go on forever.  Tell me in your own words how do you define Hip Hop?  Do you see Mercy Gang ever conforming to fads or trends?

MG: We will never conform to fads or trends, that’s just not us. Hip hop is a way of life for us!  we eat, sleep, and shit Hip Hop…Hip Hop is a feeling, Hip Hop is competitive, Hip Hop is beats, rhymes, originality. It’s being true to yourself, and not trying to fit in.

MJ:  I’m curious, how did everyone link up and create Mercy Gang?  If it wasn’t for music where would you be right now in life?

MG: Maine did a record with Sway one of our earlier members, and Hefty came to the session and the three of them hit it off instantly. I was part of a group called Unstable Minds when Hefty reached out to me about joining the group. The original group consisted of Hefty, Maine, Ace, Sway, myself, Paulie, and Bagz. Our name was “The Mercenaries,” but Maine wasn’t feeling it so he started saying Mercy Gang and it stuck. We met DJ Merc at a show we did in Jersey and he was dope. So three months later Hefty approached him about being in the group and the rest is history. We still try to keep the essence of the original group by putting the former members on a lot of our projects. If I weren’t doing music I would probably be pursuing my interest in writing scripts for movies (Maine).

MJ:  Play along with the quick 3…. Name three places you would like to tour.  Name three artists in your playlist regardless of genre. Name 3 people who have influenced you both personally and musically.  Describe in three words a Mercy Gang performance.

MG: We would love to tour overseas like Europe, Japan, and definitely the United States. My playlist right now has Redman, John Mayer, and Conway. Paulie’s playlist right now has Twiztid, Wu Tang, and Benny from Griselda. My three influences would be my cousin Sudan who I learned how to rap from. My mom who made me the person I am today and I would have to say the culture of Hip Hop.  Three words to describe a Mercy Gang show without a doubt would be energetic, raw, and amazing.

MJ:  Each member of the group has their own personal lives, where does the balance come in?  How do you balance career and family?  Sometimes in this industry to be successful in both is extremely difficult.

MG: It’s a thin line, because one is going to effect the other.  For Paulie and myself we both have wives and kids, and both of our wives are nurses and their schedules are crazy.  So when it comes to touring we have to work around our family’s schedule. But the thing that makes it work is the love and support our family shows us when it comes to our music, they know how much it means to us.

MJ:  As we wrap up, is there anything else you would like the world to know about Mercy Gang?

MG: We would want the world to know that we love what we do, and we try our best to give our all on every track we do. We love Hip Hop!  We love our fans, and we love making music.

MJ:  I wish Mercy Gang a future filled with success and extraordinary accomplishments! Thank you for being true to Hip Hop, salute!

MG: Same to you MJ.  We want to thank you for being our voice for Hip Hop. Continue to hold it down for us independent and underground artists. We salute you and it was an honor to do this interview with you.

M.E.R.C.Y. The Album



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Albany’s Own Emcee Clear Mind Is Gaining Well Deserved Respect From His New Project @Kvng_Clear

Residing in Albany, New York is up and coming local artist by the name of Clear Mind.  With a large grass root fan base, he is on his way to claim fame outside of the Tri-State area as evidenced by mass media footage, live events, showcases, and radio airplay.  I was shockingly impressed when I caught wind to his newly released mixtape “Swords, Metaphors, & Pressure Points”, which is predominately self-produced by Clear Mind.  I was also astonished by his level of excellence and execution with lyricism, versatility, and beat selection.  Not one track is repetitive in flow, rhyme, sound, or message. He gives listeners something real to grasp, embrace and relate to especially with tracks “Fire at my Feet”, “Legend”, “Walk with Me” and the most heartfelt track “Freestylin’ Under Influence”.  This mixtape also illuminates a fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, and personal scriptures which define Clear Mind as artist and man, from struggles to confidence, and with the certainty of becoming a legend in his own right. Clear Mind has the ability and conviction to create timeless and extraordinary music.



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“The sacrifice is worth it that’s why I write these verses.  I changed the man in the mirror cause I ain’t like the person”. -Alonzo Fury

Although just recently ascending into his career, Hip Hop artist and producer Alonzo Fury has secured a magnitude of fans throughout the East Coast and internationally.  In his latest single “That’s The Way Life Goes”, Fury demonstrates that undeniable stamped New York Hip Hop.  The symmetry between the emotion of his solid, irrefutable bars and production are perfectly aligned. Fury imposes strength and change as weapons to rise out of the gutter, turn cold nights into warm nights, and evolve from one meal a day to multiple three course meals.  It is refreshing to hear music that delivers a message to encourage, motivate, and alter a hopeless state of mind.  Stay tuned for Alonzo Fury’s forthcoming album titled “Art Of Survival”.



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John Jigg$…One phrase comes to mind and that is lyrical powerhouse!  Straight out of Long Island Jigg$ is the Hulk of Hip Hop with a tongue of the Joker!  Since the release of his latest album “Twin Cannons”, Jigg$ has received incredible notoriety from  big dogs in the industry as Kid Capri, Parrish (EPMD), Lord Finesse, Granddaddy IU, and Sway who invited Jigg$ to return to his show after his “killer” freestyle!

In his latest video “The Message” it’s all bets off for this era of rappers bringing shade to Hip Hop. “Pack up that wack shit it’s time to go”.  Jigg$ exudes four minutes of genius, sharp, yet raw bars “…fuck the whole industry with one rubber”!  Each bar delivers a serious and relevant message worthwhile of a frequent encore!

“Twin Cannons” produced by K Sluggah and mastered entirely by Rkitech is available in retail stores and on all digital music outlets.

John Jigg$ x K Sluggah “Twin Cannons”



FireNation Flamez Is Stepping Out And Making A Name For Herself |@firenationflmz

MJ:  MJ here with Rap Music Promo, and tonight the spotlight is on rising artist hailing from Massachusetts, FireNation Flamez!   Salute, and thank you for stepping away from the mic to chop it up with MJ.  First things first.  Some might refer to you as a protégé of Wutang affiliate Judah Priest.  How do you define protégé?  What are your thoughts of that association?  Do you feel the positive attention and success you are gaining is based off of that?

FireNation: When I think of the word Protégé I think of being one of the chosen to continue on a legacy in my own unique way. My thoughts of it all depend on the situation. I say that because I will not carry on something that is not worth standing for; and to have someone like Judah see in me what for so long many overlooked is a huge honor to me. I get positive attention yes but I would not say it is completely due to that “title” as it is rarely used. I personally feel that I have worked hard and have been recognized for my personality and presence on and off the stage. Judah and myself actually purposely separate so that people don’t confuse family movements and support with Judah’s shadow. I am FIRENATION!

MJ:  Do you feel any added pressure as a woman in a male dominated industry?  I don’t like to coin the phrase femcee or female artist.  An artist is an artist regardless of gender, and talent is talent regardless of gender.

FireNation: There is added pressure but I take it on like the untamable flame I am. I do not allow myself to be labeled as anything other than a lyrical Feloness. I don’t allow anyone to take away from my wants and standards. Maintaining a true to self-mindset I take on any pressure with an added level of untamable Flamez.

MJ:  Let me say I’m a firm believer in building women up and supporting women, their beauty, strength, and talents!  With that being said, you are a phenomenal woman! I admire your energy, your fire, and the words of encouragement you pass along to others on and off the mic!  Talk about your positivity and the ability to lift others up and how that it intertwined into your music.

FireNation:  I have been through so much pain and overcome so many hardships that I feel I have no choice but to represent being apart of the bigger picture. I try to encourage many people especially females that we are more than sex symbols and we don’t have to be just another drama to be watched. I know I cant make the world do what I do but if I can reach one person everywhere I go and they reach out it will make a difference.

MJ:   You have said that you are seeking out to capitalize on every opportunity!  Is one of those opportunities a role model for young women?

FireNation:  ABSOLUTELY!!! I actually have a few young girls that I call my Princess Flamez that make accessories for me and some even wear different color yarn in their hair as well. I absolutely plan to expand that movement in a huge way. I want to inspire them to be unique and comfortable leading the crowd instead of following them.

MJ:  Let’s take it back!  You began writing poetry and that was the start of it all.  How did that writing formulate into Hip Hop emcee?   Were there certain influences that guided that transition?

FireNation:  My poetry began as my way of expressing my feelings when I was going through life as a young girl. As time carried on I realized that everything around me made sounds so it slowly became my musical biography. My family has a very strong musical background so I would say that it was inevitable that I would be wrapped into music on a strong level. I would say musically I am an old school music lover of all genres, which I feel is the reason I don’t limit myself to one. It is important to be diverse in all that I do.

MJ:  Since then you have released an album titled “The Lyrical Feloness” and an EP titled “The Lost Files”, both dropped in 2016.  Talk about the motivation and creation behind those projects.

FireNation:  Being overlooked and brushed off by so many drove my passion to tell my story and show that not only was I ready but I had a story EVERYONE ANYWHERE could relate to. I actually took time to build a studio in my room and create beats and work with my amazing friends Lloyd Harold and Cuzzin Pete as we call him from Virginia and do what I was told I couldn’t and wasn’t ready to do.

MJ:  Your latest single “East Coast Rock” has created quite the buzz.  What does that track mean to FireNation Flamez?

FireNation: “East Coast Rock” was produced and done with Smuve Mass Beatz. It was such an amazing moment for me. I remember my uncle Jarod calling Smuve and telling him about my drive as an artist and linking us together. I will never forget him saying “You are an undiscovered jewel and I plan to turn your light bulb on. We are going to make magic!” I was so thrilled that he wanted to work hand in hand with me I remember saying “I WANT IN!” Next thing I know it became the hook and I just spoke my truth. Then Smuve jumped on it and I fell in love with the track even more!

MJ:  Tell the fans something they want to hear!  Can you spill a little 411 on upcoming projects you are working on?

FireNation:  There is never a moment I am not working on something new so its inevitable new projects and visuals are definitely being worked on. I have even started doing some cameos in movies!! I have lots of shows and magazines I am featuring in as well. I am thrilled with all of the blessings showering down in my life and I would advise everyone to say tuned because this truly is only the start of what I plan to bring to the table!

MJ:  The hash tag #Hungry&Humble has become a trademark and lifestyle for you and your followers.  Elaborate on that hash tag.

FireNation:  I watch so many forget to say thank you, so many get caught in the hype they get cocky and comfortable and treat people like they don’t matter. I have been that person pushed aside and teased for not having the “popular” items and I remember my mother saying, “it’s not about being liked or being popular it’s about the legacy you are remembered for.” God rest her soul I took that with me all my life and made it my motto after she passed to stay hungry for the bigger and better picture and always be humble because as quickly as you get blessed is as quickly you can loose it all. #HUNGRYNHUMBLE

MJ:  In the spring of this year you came out with your acting debut in the film “The Account” by Mike Mastif.  Was that a reach or a challenge for you at all?  Tell us a little bit about the movie.

FireNation:  I will start by saying it was a huge blessing to be apart of that movie and much love to Mike and my brother Judah for allowing me to be apart of it. I have to say it was just an exciting new experience that I definitely plan to dabble more in!

MJ:  Please take this time to let everyone know where to go to continue to support you, and to check out all your music and stay connected with shows and projects.

FireNation:  To track my shows follow me on the Bandsintown app under FireNation, IG: @Firenationflamez, Facebook: @Firenationflamez, Twitter: @firenationflmz, and   Reverbnation: FIRENATION. My album “Lyrical Feloness” is available on Amazon, ITunes, Google play, and Cd baby.

MJ:  Entertain the 3Game…Name 3 places you would like to tour.  Name 3 artists you would like to share the stage or studio time with.  Name 3 skills needed to succeed in the music industry.  Name 3 artists in your personal playlist.

FireNation: I would love to tour the UK, Australia, and of course everywhere I haven’t touched in the US. Artists I would love to perform with would be Erykah Badu, Rah Diggah, and Evanescence. There are so many so that one is to be continued.

MJ:  Is there anything else you would like the world to know about FireNation Flamez?

FireNation: I am not what you are used to but I am someone to prepare and get exited for! Salute the #HUNGRYNHUMBLE #THEOVERLOOKED #THEMISUNDERSTOOD I BELIEVE IN YUR UNIQUENESS!

MJ:  Thank you again for taking time out for MJ, much success to you!





Tone Dice Talks Upcoming Album & The Delaware Music Scene |@DiceTrey0Deuce

MJ:  MJ here with Rap Music Promo and my special guest from Delaware is Tone Dice better known as Dice Game!  Thank you for taking time out for this interview!

Tone Dice: Thank you for the time you’re taking out of your day to interview me.

MJ:  Dice Game!  Explain how that defines you as an artist.  With a name like that there has to be quite the story behind it or some unique correlation to your music!

Tone Dice:  Well I go by Tone Dice which I got the name from my folks in high school. I use to shoot craps in the hallway for extra money at school and I use to win a lot. So he just cracked a joke and said my new name was Tone Dice and I ran with it. I later changed it to Dice Game when I did my first solo mixtape. I guess you could say it was my way of saying I was my own artist now, no team, no in house producer just me!  Then I decided it was better if I stayed with Tone Dice.

MJ:  You are from Delaware, and I want to take a moment to give a huge s/o to all the talent out that way.  The Hip Hop scene is Delaware is incredible but unfortunately is sometimes left under the radar.  Why do you think that is? What are your thoughts on that?

Tone Dice:  There is a lot of talent in Delaware. I guess we fall under the radar because of how small the state is and the surrounding states are bigger and known for music like New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York.  Nobody probably thought to look in a small spot like Delaware for talent. Until social media came people thought it was all fields and farm animals. Now they got a front row seat and the media is shedding light more not just for a lot of good things but also our crime rate. S o now it’s more so “Oh Delaware isn’t just farms and animals let’s hear what’s going on in the music”, type of thing.

MJ:  You began your music journey at age 16.  At that point in your life was music just a hobby? When did you begin to pursue it as a career?

Tone Dice:  At sixteen doing music was just a hobby. It wasn’t until me and a few guys from around my way formed a group and actually sounded like something that I took it seriously. That was like a year later.

MJ:  What was it about Hip Hop that made you fall in love? Who would you say have been your biggest influences musically?

Tone Dice:  The thing that made me fall in love with Hip Hop was the movie Krush Groove and Beat Street.  I have to say my biggest influence has to be Method Man and Busta Rhymes for the energy, lyricism, and delivery.  For storytelling, lyrics, and rawness I would have to say Biggie, Rakim, and 2 Pac. Outkast takes it for originality, creativity, and lyricism.

MJ:  Before you devoted your time to your solo career you were in a couple of groups.  How was the adjustment and transition from working with others to now focusing on your solo career?

Tone Dice:  I was in one group that went by 3 different names; PNC, Villainz Gang, and then Cash Stack that turned into an umbrella for other groups from are neighborhood that did music.  It was a great thing but we all figured it was best to do our own thing.  Majority of us still do music together. Doing music by myself has let me define who I am as an individual artist and focus on my lane. I don’t have to mash my style to fit no one else’s style to songs.  I can just do me and I think people are taking to my music more.

MJ: “The Rise Of HeadCrack”!  Please enlighten us about that mixtape.  But please begin with the title!

Tone Dice:  “The Rise Of HeadCrack” mixtape was the beginning of my growth as an artist and my brand. (#HeadCrack302) “Before You Type That Pound that” this was the first mixtape I was recording in a good place in my life. The three before that was a chaotic period of my life and the music shows it. I’m proud of those mixtapes because they show my growth as a person and as an artist if you listen from “Welcome To The Lion’s Den” up to “The Rise Of HeadCrack. The first three mixtapes you can tell I was making progress but it was so slow. I was only speaking from one angle. “The Rise Of HeadCrack” if you listen to tracks like “Pain In My Voice” , “A Million Ways” , and “In My Thoughts”  you see I am now speaking from a different perspective but I am still consistent with my previous work. Yet you see I made some sense out of all the chaos in my life and I’m more conscious of the way my point of view comes off. Not so much of just aggression and misguided anger, I call it conscious chaos.  My music now is game, I’m giving you from lessons I learned making it through the chaos. That’s why my music is relatable and ear catchy more than ever at this point in my music.

MJ:  I want to take this time now to discuss the visual for “More Than Music”.  That is definitely one of those real heartfelt records that will stop you in your tracks!  You have a knack for bringing fans in and giving them something to grasp and embrace.  So please tell us about “More Than Music” and the meaning behind that track.

Tone Dice: “More Than Music” was the introduction to my upcoming project. I wanted to release something to let the people who do listen to my music get a vision of what to expect from my new body of work “I Gave My Heart 4 This”.  It was just that type of freestyle that spoke to everyone not just on group of people and made you want more from me ,you want to hear what I’m a speaking  on next and how will I deliver it.

MJ:  Moving right along to what is now under one of MJ’s favorite freestyles, “Phenomenon”.  The beat alone is phenomenal!

Tone Dice:  Thank you I appreciate that. The “Phenomenon” freestyle was just one of them things that one day I wanted to write to throwback instrumentals and when I came across that Biggie Phenomenon joint the words just started flowing together. I knew I had to really play with the words on that beat just because of whose song it was you know you can’t disrespect those types of beats.

MJ:  Talk about some upcoming projects you are working on.  Also are there any upcoming shows or tours that you can share with fans?

Tone Dice: I have a project coming out late September. The title of that will be “I Gave My Heart 4 This”. This project is definitely the best piece of work I put together. I’m talking concepts, storytelling, substance, lyrics, and all around great project. My first single from that will be “The Game Shows None” featuring D`aRen The Artist produced by The Bang Out Boys a beat team also from Delaware. I am so focused on this project that I’m not performing like until I’m ready to drop the project just making sure its solid.

MJ: Who is on the bucket list of collaborations or a headliner that you would like to share the stage with?

Tone Dice: I would like to collaborate with Styles P, Busta Rhymes, Desiigner, and Nas if I had a choice just to name a few.

MJ:  Let’s stay on the topic of performances, and bring MJ on stage with Dice Game!  Give me three words to describe that experience.

Tone Dice: If you see a performance from me you are going to get all of me. It’s a whole different zone for me, especially now that I’m comfortable on stage. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5, 50, or 500 people I’m going to give you every ounce of energy I have.  You feel what I’m saying so much that it leaves no other choice then to gravitate to me and want to hear more.

MJ:  Take this time out now to let all your fans know where to go to follow you and to stay up to date with the latest music.

Tone Dice: For people who want to follow me and stay up to speed on everything follow me on Instagram @Tone_Dice and @HeadCrackTv, on Twitter @DiceTrey0Deuce, and on Face Book Tone Dice (Dice Game). You can hear the music on Sound Cloud @Tone_Dice and watch my new videos on YouTube @ HeadCrackTv just Hash tag #HeadCrack302 and #ToneDice and subscribe to the page for updates as well as the Face Book page.

MJ:  Is there anything else you want the world to know about Dice Game?

Tone Dice: I just want everybody to like and follow those pages so when my new project “I Gave My Heart 4 This” drops you can grab a hold of this excellent piece of work. September is right around the corner so stay in tune with #HeadCrack302 the brand because this is only the beginning.

MJ:  Thank you again for your time, salute, and much success to you!

Tone Dice: I want to thank you for all the support you have shown me. It’s greatly appreciated from me. I wish you nothing but success as well.




Jazz Fresh x Adlib x 5th Stone “Burn Your House Down” Official Video |@MarstenHouse

South Philly legend and Hip Hop Pioneer Jazz Fresh joins forces with Rebel Hippie Adlib and producer 5th Stone for this exclusive track “Burn Your House Down”.   Not one for subliminal messages Jazz sets the record straight, Scarface mode, about his South Philly roots and OG status in the music industry.  Rappers pay close attention and stay in your lane to avoid the wrath of Jazz Fresh!





“The Shining” By New York’s Rap Trio @Alpha Faktion

Alpha Faktion made up of Azwun, Kraze ILLA, and DJ Enyoutee are noted in the music industry for culminating a skilled combination of Boom Bap and gritty rap that preserves the essence of Hip Hop! With the support and backing from many legends and pioneers, Alpha Faktion are at an all time career high with their latest LP “Creative Control”.

John Jigg$ “French Quarter” Video Off The New “Twin Cannons” LP|@JiggsTheGreat

John Jigg$ releases “French Quarter” video off his new LP “Twin Cannons” produced entirely by Sweden’s own K Sluggah.  Although portrayed as cool, calm, and collected in character the message is quite the opposite.  Jigg$ is notorious  for depicting New York and isn’t discreet prevailing as a  street trooper in the realm of Hip Hop.   He continues to receive immense amounts of recognition as a viable artist in the Hip Hop industry by such legends as Kid Capri, Lord Finesse, and Grand Daddy IU. “Twin Cannons” is available now at retail stores and on all digital music outlets.


Flip The Script Radio, Stevie Franks Freestyle|@StevieFranksRap

Lawnside New Jersey Hip Hop artist Stevie Franks is no amateur or dabbler when it comes to freestyle.  For the past five or so years on the scene Franks has welcomed any freestyle invitation on the airwaves and continues to do so.  A lyrical phenom takes over Franks once a beat begins to harmonize and a rhythmic entity spews out unthinkable bars with every mic touched!  Catch Franks most recent freestyle live on Flip The Script Radio Show.